2023 June Digital Releases

  • June's theme is that there isn't one.

    So we can look forward to miscellaneous kits in June.

    First teaser dropped today 9 JUN 23.

    Future French Foreign Legion:

  • Perhaps, but why since Grogs exists?

    Edit: Yeah they are FFL for a non-Death Fields setting, so they well likely be in WA's Historical scale (which is a plus as far as I am concerned). Still not sure why since with space opera one could start of with something like the armed forces of Venus that would be very different from DF, though they do give off a nice Valerian French comic vibe, maybe even a little Alien Legion minus the alien part.

  • Will be perfect to add some special troopers to my Grognards!

  • Actually it looks like these guys are from 2300 AD.

  • Teaser for Ye Old Fantasy Dwarfs:

  • @JTam Number 4 from the left is a dead ringer for a mate of mine! He even fights like a Norse Dwarf. Would love to see a WGA take on hard plastic Dwarves but it is a very saturated market.

  • @Paul Mitting 

    As would I.  

    It is fairly saturated but the Old World is right around the corner and there will subsequently be tremendous appetite for such.

  • @JTam it will still be saturated, just now with GW thrown in. Also I want magitech dwaves.

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