Lizard Troopers

  • @Drangir here are the up-weaponed long tails ..............

    Lizard Troopers proudly sporting their captured weaponry L-R

    • Officer - Einherjahr Radio pack
    • Trooper - CF Weapons Upgrade laser rifle
    • Trooper - Grognard flamer
    • Trooper - Warlord Games C3 plasma carbine
    • Trooper - CF assault rifle
    • Trooper - Grognard Command sniper rifle
    • Trooper  - CF plasma weapon

    I'm using Xenos Rampant rules with these, the bulk of the army comprise of swarms of spear/AK armed lesser Xenomorphs.

    I'm putting most of these chaps into either a Support Squad or a Xeno Ranged Attack Squad.

    The sniper has a putty optical enhancement and will end up as the (lone?) star of a recon/sniper squad.

  • Heres a 24pt XR force on an away mission ....

    Lizard Detatchment

    The last time I tried this shot, the sand cammo on the bases was too good! You couldn't make the figures out vs the game mat. This time they are arrayed on top of the underside of the mat for contrast.

    3 10 trooper groups of lesser Xenos to the left, a recon squad to the fore, support team behind them with a captured Grogn cannon and mArrk.

    Where's lunch?

  • The pics are very small unfortunately D: What I can say that I like a color scheme, clothing fits well the dulled green of the scales!

  • @Drangir I just can't do pan shots properly :(.

    The best I can do with my cheap camera, mind you, my non-professional paint jobs wouldn't like higher detail ,).  All of this is just to show what can be done, more skill in kitbashing  & painting will show better results.

  • The basic paint scheme is a spray can of Humbrol Grass green later touch ups with a pot of the same colour paint. The army was based on a 3 box WA deal meaning over 60 figures to paint. ( 15 box backers of the Damned are advised to consider basing their paint schemes on a spray can of whatever colour they need. We won't be hearing from them for a long while otherwise. )

    The end figure is finished with a weak dark grey wash and sprayed with heavy duty varnish (these figures are intended for the table, not a display rack).

  • All good tips. Without an airbrush or spray basing and varnishing minis is pain.

  • @Drangir I typically base up the minis apply any base texture needed to cover up blob bases etc then undercoat with a generic undercoat spray (I normally use Wilko's - A UK based hardware store). You don't need an expensive hobby spray can - any auto repair undercoat will do the job. 

    Once completed, I'll varnish either with a standard gloss spray can (these figures will be handled, the tougher the better) or a wash of PVA wood glue.

    The Lizards and the Statgrave Red Team were spray varnished as they were done in an 80 + figure batch. Pva varnishing takes more time to do but is cheaper (a few brushfuls of PVA glu watered down is effectively free ).

    The latter is surprisingly effective, paint up a piece of card with spray varnish then apply a couple of strips of paint. Afterwards overpaint half of it with a 1/5 ratio of PVA glue to water, compare the before/after.

    Putting that pva/water wash on freshly assembled PDF models prior to undercoating (known as sizing in the building trade) makes for a much better surface for painting.  Real builders use this trick on freshly plastered walls for the same reason.

    Both ways leave shiny figures, you can overspray with a matt/satin varnish to counter this.  I normally don't bother.

  • Yeah, myself I use a spray can for auto parts. With various success so far, but I'll get there. I don't see sense to use hobby sprays until you paint whole armies in a specific color.

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