French WW1 V.B. rifle grenades and ammo carriers - how to convert?

  • A little research has brought me to realize how many French infantry in the Great War and even in 1940 were rifle-grenadiers. Does anyone have an idea how to depict such armed men using WA's WWI French?

    Another realization; even light machinegun teams had a considerable number of ammo bearers. Of course they were armed with rifles, but how can I properly depict soldiers off the French infantry sprue in their role of ammo carriers?

    I would be deeply grateful for any suggestions!

  • On the larger French infantry sprue, there is a V.B. launcher. It is located towards the center of the sprue. Just remove the bayonet on one of the Lebel rifles, remove most of the barrel leaving a 1mm long barrel stub, and glue the V.B. onto the stub.

  • I remember reading somewhere that the rifle grenadiers had a special haversack to carry the grenades in that was a greenish khaki color.  I use a mix of Vallejo khaki and Vallejo German Cam Dark green for the rifle grenadiers and ammo carriers and just khaki for everyone else.

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