WGA in other Scales

  • There is now a Survey:



    Ancient Armies of the Hellenistic Antiquity in 6mm or 10mm and in Plastic would be nice. ;)

  • Going to be honest, voted for 15mm (1/100) and 12mm (1/144) with  SciFi and modern in mind. 

  • I voted for Warlord Epic scale.  (Which I think is pretty much 12mm anyway).

  • I voted for 15mm. I'm a big fan of gzg's 15mm sci fi range and own a fair amount of them and could use my existing 15mm terrain. After Brexit its very pricey to buy something in uk and none our local shops has them listed. So the whole death fields range in 15mm would be a banger

  • I went with 10mm and 6mm. Plus my daughter and I talked, and I added 54mm in her behalf. 

    I'm wondering if it would make for an interesting Monthly Theme, different scales. Or could be a bonus, or even just include it under "general" stuff for any given month. Shows what could be. 

  • @Miyuso I would also love some 54mm scale Sci-fi and Fantasy kits, especially as multi-parts to allow lots of customisation. I used to play lots of bigger figures in skirmish games until WGA made so many great kits in 28mm. Having new options in 54mm other than fixed pose toy soldiers or Tehnolog plastics would be brilliant!

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