• Morning all, who is playing MAJESTIC 13 from Snarling Badger Studios?

    I liked SPACE STATION ZERO so it was a no brainer to buy into the rulebook for their latest game... basically "Operators v Aliens" with a good backstory and some real "Area 51" weirdness thrown in... just my kind of thing🤣

    Ooh Rah make the perfect "Operator Team" and even appear in the promo video, so my "Resistance" figures will do perfect double duty as MIB 😎 The rules though are broad enugh to include different timelines...

    If you like a bit of"Earth v Aliens" then you should genuinely check it out... D20-based, so lots of potential FUBAR to even the best-laid plans...



  • @Bill Thomas I actually have that PDF. A part of me is a little dissappointed at how limiting the game is rules wise. If you are expecting a proper X-Com style game on tabletop then unfortunately this game isn't it. You can only field 5 dudes in a game for your team, and there is only 1 alien to fight against a game since they're all meant to be like mini bosses. Kind of disappointed that the game devs only thought of Big Alien Monsters and other Aliens that would go on 40mm bases and not more human sized aliens who would still be dangerous but more numerable. If I were to play the game with my brothers, I would make it to where your team could take up to 10 dudes a game (might take longer, so those would be for bigger missions), and there are more aliens that are closer to humans in regards to how tough and dangerous they are, but still dangerous.


    I was thinking having Ooh Rah represent the more teched up soldiers for my hypothetical teams and have the planned WGA operators kit count as regular grunts. I guess I'm a little miffed that there are so many small skirmish that kind of make you feel ashamed of having so many models that can't be used.

  • @Charles Tottington interesting... I invested in the hardcopy rulebook so I am seriously wondering if that's different to the pdf; in the "level up" scenario section in the hardcopy there are encounters between your five dudes and FORCE shock/strike troopers plus drones which is frankly the bit I'll concentrate on mostly... although a big badda boss fight is fun sometimes too, right?

    Looking at the group on Facebook (some very nice tables and figures on display there!) folk are playing co-op with mutiple teams v multiple aliens (plus shock/strike troopers) which looks kinda fun, and the fact you can have different teams from different M13 factions could mess things up nicely in a co-op setting too 🤪

    I will be the first to admit that it's a relatively simple D20-driven game but with some imagination thrown in story-wise, and for those with a low-figure-count collection it's actually pretty cool... but then I also like INSURGENT EARTH which uses four-figure teams, so I guess each to their own, and we all like different things which is what makes this all so much fun 😂

  • Oh, and I repurposed some old figures, gave them a quick n dirty paintjob, and that's some alien troopers ready to roll 😁

  • @Bill Thomas Yeah, I'm not really a facebook kind of guy for personal reasons. But I've always wondered if anybody would be willing to work up rules for alien grunts of all varieties. Like being able to have your dudes go up against hormagaunt or termagaunt like aliens. I know its advertised as a mixture of X-com and X-Files, but it is mostly focused on hunting 1 monster with 5 dudes.

    Sadly I'm not experienced in rules writing so I wouldn't know how to make polished homebrew riles that allow for 10 man solo teams and alien grunts following a big guy. Definately going to look into trying a game eventually once I build enough dudes for it (I need to check to see if they have rules for flame throwers and melta gun proxies.)

  • @Charles Tottington as always with new rulebooks I keep dipping in and finding more nuance on re-reading... like you I do love a bigger game and this ruleset will allow it; I just try to find the focus I like in a game and go from there. Again, I haven't got the pdf so I don't know if it's somewhat "redacted" from the full hardcopy version, but you can definitely add more than one sqaud of five (either co-op or just playing multiple sqauds yourself) earth troops but then you need to add more alien troops/monstrosities to balance things.

    With the alien troopers you get options for ranged and melee opponents, plus two different drones and an enemy commander; these come in at various force levels to create a  six-game micro-campaign  (this starts on Page 78 of the book) which is detailed with terrain maps too; by the end of things your little dudes will be up against potentially eighteen FORCE troops... and you can add to this if you use more than one squad of five although I think you'd need to up the suggested 3x3 for this!

    This aspect will be my focus, with some "boss fights" chucked in for flavour, As you'll see from the pic I'm using some old Antares Algoryn for the troopers, ranged pretty much as they come, then some melee troops with Lightning Claws (I just orderd some Lightning Claws!), but termagaunts would seem a cool bet too here with hormagaunts for the melee element 😎

    I'll use some Antares Ghar Battle suits for the drones, and then stat up the skimmers in line with the exitsing rules. "Monstrosities" will be various alien beasties from my existing collection (including hormagaunts, love these!); with a little fettling of the trooper stats you could create multi-figure alien "squads" too, and it seems to me that various of the larger GW Xenos would  be prefect for this game as "bosses" 😍

    That's where I am right now, amassing my forces and building/re-purposing some figures before I get stuck in to my first proper game... and aye, there's the starting fun right there 😍


  • Oh, and PS there are rules/stats for RE-Tech (Reversed Engineered-Tech) weapons so I think you could easily work in flamers and meltas 😎

    I also think that the WGA Harvesters would work incredibly well in this game...

  • FORCE troops coming along nicely now... just waiting on some heads for the Command Group 😍

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