Cannon Fodder Command and Heavy Support

  • I know there isn't much to talk about with no image, but I'd suggest something akin to an arm control panel. Something that could be used to detonate soldiers with explosives. 

  • No pics?

    No progress??

    This is very frustrating because I have big plans for an army of these guys (alternative Imperial Guard of course ☺). I'm pimping them up with additional shoulder pads, weapons, and equipment from various sources and it's great fun 😊


  • Don't worry everyone, I have a stand in pics🤣:

    Yeah, joking aside I am pretty sure its just going to be the Damned clean heavy weapons again with CF crew  given the other Heavy weapon item thread (though a box of just the crew might be cooler for CF):

    That said we can talk about what sort of extras we want in the command part of this set. I am thinking cowboy hats and  built from junk hand guns and SMGs, how about you:



  • @Brian Van De Walker Some (or most) of these weapons seems more dangerous for the users than for enemies....

  • just put some money into this, looks like theres an issue with the vote counter (says 680, but 138x5 + 2x50 is 790). Edit: looks like there's a delay for the main page

    looking forward for some support for my bond-villain henchpeople/generic space people. 

  • Cannon fodder

  • @Brian Van De Walker I think we all need a heavy caliber, small arms weapon with a bicycle handle welded to it. Make it happen Wargames Atlantic!

  • @Hudson Adams 

    Any chance we can get a preview of what sort of heavy weapons and/or command y'all are thinking about for our the cannon fodder set? Are these parts going to be pulled from the cannon fodder civilians set, or all new stuff?

  • @Alessio De Carolis That's the point.😄

    We are talking broadcasted gladiatorial arena in stars setting, I think entertainment value and showmanship should trump safety concerns and practicality (this is also another argument for skirts on female minis).

    Besides a lot of the weapons in 40k was just as bad (don't get me started on that toyatic dumpster fire of a tech tree😆).

    @Andrew Fernandez Yes we all need that!😆

    Though I am pretty sure that is a pic of a one shot "harness gun" where the "harness" is made with lead pipes. Not a good life choice weapon.😉

    @Isaac Lee I think you  should consider the space dwarf and damned heavy weapon set previews as clue to what the weapons will look like.


  • Though I suppose realisticaly this and suicide bomber vests could be the heavy weapon option for the CF, though that might be a touch to controversial😆:

  • Guys I just had a thought,  after reading @Alessio De Carolis argument in the dwarves thread (which used poor examples  for "under done subjects" compared to Dwarves by the way) and given the Death Field's Lore we have realistically wouldn't the CF's Command and  Heavy Support basically just be the "Death Fields Corporate Arena Security" with a set of the big guns? maybe a similar deal with heavy troopers? Afterall I don't really see the CF themselves getting trusted with heavy assets normally (functional ones anyways) and most of 40k penal leigons had Wardens leading them anyways if recall correctly.

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