Winner! British Expeditionary Force (1939-40) - Up for Pre-Production Order!

  • Mostly love it, P14s, BAR and 1928 Thompsons for the Home Guard particularly, but not sold on the front ends of the Lee Enfields - the barrel shouldn't stick out past the bayonet boss and the thickness should be consistent, not a noticeable taper along the barrel length between sling swivel and muzzle.

  • Also just noticed the German style Pattern 3 entrenching tool on one figure, should probably also have  the mattock style tool with either '37 pattern carrier or '08 pattern carrier as an option.

    37 Pattern

    08 Pattern


  • Hi Wargames Atlantic,

    Any chance these Early War Brits might be available on Atlantic Digital, The Reason I ask is this is my favorite period (and team) and my entire collection is 1/72nd and unfortunately 28mm just doesn't fit, I can say that with confidence because O boy have I tried 🤣

    I am particularly taken by the "Home Guard Scarf" very cool 👍

    Best wishes


    (trying to print and paint my way to glory !)

  • @Stuart Harrison yes they look more akin to the later, and shorter, MkIV Lee Enfield that didn't come out till later in the war (1943?)

    Did the British use BARs? I didn't think they did.

    Still, really like the look of these miniatures.  

  • @John Roberts Yeah they did in the home guard, not sure if its a wise add though since other guns might be better.

  • As of Friday AM here in the US this set is leading the pack! 

  • love the models but do wish the fixed bayonets weren't a standard on the sprues. I find they are fragile when transporting/moving in and out of the cases. Fixed bayonets were not as common as portrayed, due to the added weight and making the muzzle heavy when aiming.

    A variety of long arms would be a benefit. 

  • @marc Laplante I mean they arnt that hard to snip or cut off carefully, so you dont have to have them on

  • Y'know, at first I wasn't too jazzed about the BARs, Lewis Guns, and Thompsons in an early war kit, forgetting these were issued to the Home Guard, but now that I am reminded of that I actually quite like their inclusion and I'm considering adding a small Home Guard army to my collection.

  • Love these however,  I have a few sugestions that would make these sutiable for the entire war periond,  

    Do the heads, wepons and webing equipment on a different sprue. so you could have wepons for all periods, (M1928 and M1 Thompsons, No4 rifles, Stens, Piat etc), 44 patern  equipment,  Home Guard pattern webbing (this was different to regular army webbing). Camouflaged helmets (used throught out the war. And dont forget the 2" mortar. 

    One last thing get rid of the German style entrenching tool.


  • @Iain Sloan I disagree, we dont need any more late war Brits. There are plenty of options in plastic and metal for 1944 brits already. Lets have this kit focus exclusively on the BEF and Home Guard and contemptorary forces rather than try and stretch it thin.

  • @Duke Exeter Not to mention Victrix making some more.

  • @Brian Van De Walker well if they do I guess. They seemed somewhat confused with their Siocast release. I wonder if they'll start making a lot more stuff in Siocast or if that was just a leftover from the attempt to upscale 12mm to 32mm? Time will tell! It will be interesting to see the Siocast figures next to Warlord ones and see how people like the scale. 

  • Winner! Work has started! Pre-production orders being taken now to hit our goal!


  • Peter has updated his sketch to remove the bayonet and a couple other things. Now onto the pretty colors!


  • Needs to have 2" mortar. And enough figures to build a full platoon. 

  • @Leigh J like this one? ;-) 

  • @Hudson Adams Personally, I would be more intrested to see how those Victrix siocasts  scale up to Rubicon and 1/56 ITALERI model sets than warlord's infantry (same deal with the early war British in this thread you guys are working on), since a big reason to buy anything that is both British and WW2 that isn't Warlord is due to not liking the chunky way they look next to your motorpool of 1/56 to 1/48 scale models, the other big reason is cost. Honestly beyond SciFi kitbash fodder I don't  really see why anyone would buy Warlord's DAK and commonwealth/8th army sets when Perry sets work better with all the model scale vehicals (including the ones Warlord sells), are cheaper on average, and actually look better to boot (same deal with thier French and to greater or lesser extant Italians😆).

  • Finalizing changes and additions and should have an update shortly. 

  • Any chance of helmets with covers? (Edit)

  • @S. Oatley If they don't fit on the frame the ones from the WW1 Brits will work for these bodies as well. 

  • @Hudson Adams fingers crossed and thank you for the response, have a good weekend.

  • Someone thought we needed to be more 1:1 in how the straps are modelled (although in many cases a 28mm sized figure is more impressionistic than not) So anyway, here's what the back webbing looks like now...

  • We're at 62%! Only about 76 more sets needed and we cross the finish line and this goes to plastic.

  • Please fix the fastenings on the basic pouches. 
    They don't have a buckle, they have a press stud. 
    If you need any reference material please let me know. 

  • @Stuart Harrison spot on! I couldn't agree with you more. This and how the bayonet is attached. This kit is so close to being a good one in big 25 scale. It would be a shame for it to fall short 

  • @John Roberts the Home Guard were issued BARs and M1917 (Eddystones) rifles after Dunkirk. The loss of material was tremendous. The M1917 rifle is a US version of the British P14 rifle in 30-06 so easier to have with the BAR anyway. 

  • @Hudson Adams one arm carrying the Enfield "at the trail" would be nice. That would be a good arm for NCOs for the BEF as very few SMGs made it to France before Dunkirk. Also would it be possible to reverse the way the Bren is carried on the shoulder? It's odd and most photos show the opposite. If you did you would grab it by the bipod. Try doing that with a hot barrel and you only do it once. Saw a kid do that with an M60, and left most of his skin on the barrel. 

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