Einherjar Command and Heavy Support

  • These are looking really good. A few more pistol arms to make up for the lack in the regular box would be useful.

  • Maybe swap one of the pistol arms left and one of the axe holds right.

  • Yeah more pistol arms, along with different pistol options like the plasma pistol. And maybe a sword for the officers since vikings weren't all axes, they had swords as well, usually for the high ranking dudes. I would also include bits to make a medic, along with bits to make an engineer with a servo harness so he can repair things (because what self respecting dwarf army wouldn't have engineers.)

  • Medic/Engineer parts to make some utility guys would be great! Swords and other kinds of pistols - not sure about it, the axes seems pretty utilitarian in infantry set and status symbol in the C&S set. Swords are also incredibly easy to outsource. I'm bit worried that guns seems to be pretty same in comparison to damned. Ballistic shields and cases should have at least some of the faction flavor - guns could have small runes or knots on the front, and barrels could be flushed better into the body of the gun like they rifles are, suggesting better care and design of their heavy weapons. Otherwise, it seems to be a great set and a must buy for me in the future.

  • Are the heavy weapons the same scale as the Damned or downsized to be compatible with the dwarves?

    There is aleady a radio pack available on the normal sprue - add a 'medic' or generic pack in its place.

    Make those two double axe arms open handed with the option of a stick grenade/ demo charge instead - that way the axes and grenades could be used standalone .

    Just like it's Grongnard forebear, that auto mortar's base doesn't look like it can stand the recoil

  • @Dennis Horne 

    It seems the weapons are the same types and sizes. Kneeling humans reach just over the upper rim, while dwarfs don't. (but damned ones are beaten up and stuff)

  • @Drangir All of the crew have separate arms/heads in that damned set, here they are shown as being fixed. Dunno if that is just a simplified WIP render or the final layout intention. The separate arms/heads offers more flexibility.

    The more flexible the greater the kitbash potential more likley the kit gets bought for spares and used on other models.

    I see the LH engineer mole claw is scaled to be credibly worn over an arm as opposed to the Grongard (and Warhammer 40k predecessor) which are 40mm scale and require the owner to have a shoulder amputation prior to use.  RH equivalent would be nice - these 2 would work well with Stargrave Merc 2 (female) torsos (which are 10-15% smaller than their male Merc 1 counterparts).

    Split the officer and kneeling NCO torso (as per the Spanish set) upper & lower torsos.

  • @Hudson Adams The forum notification doesn't seem to work on this Vox Populi sub forum, I didn't get a notification of Drangir's post above.

    I'm also still seeing those 3 ghost notifications I reported due to the corruption of the 'Robots' thread.

  • I think it's just a visual thing. No WA set but army builders have full models and it would make certain type of crews impossible to fit on the frame, especially with the command options within the set, so no worries!

  • @Charles Tottington hmm, while you have a point presonally I am okay with them sticking with just axes since the swords I would want for SciFi dwarves are curved and arabic types and viking iconic swords are striaght double edged swords. Though I think they should consider adding  the fantasy dwarf helms from this to the planned fantasy set(s) or  forget about doing the fantasy dwarf sets and just do a fantasy upgrade sprue for these.

  • @Brian Van De Walker A sprue of WA (or Perry) Afghans from the usual sprue resellers has plenty of Arab swords to kitbash with.

    Look at a sprue of Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry from those sprue sellers for the straight sword option it also has a standard bearer arm and an array of tools/spades. 

    In addition try re-using the DLI torsos with surplus Einherjar arms/heads - I fitted spare gas mask wearing Lizards making a hi Tech 'surprise' unit for my LizFOR XR detatchment .

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    As it happens, I had a a couple of WA space dwarves lurking on a spare sprue :

    Space Dwarf Cmd

    A space dwarf (or indeed any Dwarf?) command group for those who like fielding sniper freindly forces.... :)

    LH WA torso, head. Perry Afghan scimitar, shield arms.

    RH WA torso, head. Oathmark DLI standard, sword arm (only a single handed one...), the shield is one out of the spares collection - Frostgrave I think.

  • @Dennis Horne While that is one way of doing it, I have slightly better plan involving some heroic scale bit box bits I already picked up off ebay before these shorties where even a thing (them being in set would just make things easier and its more about me being kind of bored of Vikings in any form for plastic).

  • @Brian Van De Walker Picture tells a thousand words ;).

    Those 2 were thrown together during the England/Australia game (nothing much better to do ...).

    Trust me, they'll be broken down into bits and something useful made of them later.

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