Napoleonic Spanish Infantry

  • This set is so badly needed by the historical gamers for the Napoleonic Wars.  Many of us have British Peninsular forces and would like to to have the Spanish for games.  The cost in metal is prohibitive for a "support" force and this would fill a major gap.  As would Ottoman forces.  I've waited around 4 years to see these made and if had the funds I'd back this for whatever it took to make it number 1!  Not that I have anything against the sci fi figures but they have had a good run over the last couple of years :)

  • @Mike Allen Yes, really liking the look of these. I hope there are more 'Linus Blankets' (as I call them. They were issued in place of Greatcoats apparently).

  • I too have been anticipating these for the 4 years or so since they were mooted,

    • Adopting the upper/lower torso schema of the Rifles box.
    • Two Grenadarios heads, separate rear of bareskins
    • Can't see the rear detail for bayonets/ammo box/water etc.
    • To be greedy - add an waist coat open shirted torso ?
    • Delete the drummer torso/arms in favour of an extra line trooper/ open shirt, put that out as a digital extra?
    • Is that a belly ammo box below the bottle/drum?

    Seems to cover 1808 -1812 period (Bailen up to Albuferra/Valencia).  A 5 box set would be more than enough to offer a French player an OPFOR army.

    There is a lot pf potential for conversion/kitbaashing. Scope for guerillas and top hatted volontarios, artillery with spare Victrix French arms and cavalry using a box of Perry Austrians with the infantry upper torsos and Port/Starboard bicornes. Use of the alternate heads from the rifles box along with the bugle arm from that box. Officer upper torso could well be used with spare Perry light cav lower torso to make up a mounted one.  (I did the same with the mounted Rifles and mounted Sharpe I posted earlier).




    This release process (Vox Popululi ) does not work for me.

    I will not be coerced into pledging 11 boxes to influence its release. I'll get some when the stuff  finally reaches  IN STOCK in the UK status, which may still be somewhere in 2025.

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