Trojan War Chariot

  • I'm loving what I see here! My main critique would be:

    A) a hope that there are more potential warrior bodies

    B) a suggestion that at least one of these bodies, and perhaps a head option or two (for warrior and driver) should be based on Hittite examples, to show an influence from central Anatolia. (And to depict Sarpedon if you want an Iliad based justification ;))

    C) would also love to see some sea people style options, like what is on the 3d model kit.

    I think the combination of these would give a really varied kit, and really help show off that style of warrior duels.

    I'd also reckon taking a peek at some of the helmets here would be great, as some of them - what with horns and crests and what not- would be good options for plastic just because plastic is gonna be both strong, and easy rebonded after a break.

  • @H M Sea people would actually be more useful with the other WA sets planned for this line, Egypt hired sea people mercs.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Sherden would work better with the Egyptian line, but the Sea Peoples in general came from varied backgrounds, with many seeming to have thier origins around the Aegean.

    There is pretty solid evidence linking the Sherden with Sardinia and a very big maybe on a few other Italian links to Sicilians and Etruscans - but by and large there are solid links to the Aegean and non hittite Anatolia - which is exactly what this kit also represents. :)

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