Vox Populi - Multi Purpose Elves (Fantasy/Death Fields)

  • I would like to propose the addition of a set of Multi Purpose Elves be added to Vox Populim, both as a Forest/Jungle/Wood Elf, and as the Silence, a group of gene modified warriors for Death Fields

    The set itself would draw imagry from South East Asian Archipeligo civilizations and cultures, with options for Bows, 3 pronged spears and Hand Weapons designed primarily with the fantasy sets in mind, along with more advanced hand weapons and short ranged advanced weapons designed to shoot small darts like you would find from a blowpipe. Should the set include a special weapon for Death Fields, this would likely take the appearance of a larger dart gun, able to spray a cloud of tiny projectiles.

    For Death Fields, the origin of this faction comes from an owner who convinced his fighters that the key to victory lay in surprise, not allowing an enemy to see one before it was time to strike. This was achieved by moving them to the tops of the trees, and within the canopies of the many fields they found themselves fighting on. Thier bones have been lightened, thier limbs made lithe and thin, and thier ears are larger to better hear with the battlefield. This lighter weight warrior is able to strike quickly and silently, withdrawing as soon as it has attacked, leaving nothing but silence in it's wake. 

  • Well, it would be way cooler than high elves.... South East Asian islander elves would be awesome. Also why don't we go the reverse of the lizardman route, have mostly fantasy weapons and maybe a generic rifle/gun that could work for SF or Pulp fantasy.

  • The idea of death fields wood/jungle elves gives me Exodite vibes.

    Which given the Exodites are dino riding space elves.... and WGA is currently working on a raptor calvary that is usable for both fantasy and sci fi...... 

    Some fanart I found that gives a vibe of what I'm talking about.


  • @Charles Tottington 

    Exodites was my first thought, but I didn't want to make it too obvious ;)

  • @Charles Tottington Kinda of meh on the armored space wood elves (even if they are riding dinos). Personally I feel that death field elves should either be gene edited Hollywood style late 18th century pirates or be the other sect of that space cult the Damned are from and be heavy on Chinese wuxia webcomic immortal cultivator vibes (flying sword shaped hoverboards, exotic cultivation pills/drugs, etc.).

     Let’s have the box focus on the South East Asian Archipelago fantasy theme first and maybe add in a gun or 2 that could work for both SciFi and Fantasy after that (fun as it would be to have a whole box of Filipino themed gun armed elves, it doesn’t sound like something that would do well).

  • Plastic has to have a market to be worth it. Lizardmen probably got guns because reptile aliens are a common thing in SF and almost mandatory in Victorian SF on Venus.

    Realistically, any plastic Elf kit has to appeal to either the Warhammer or the RPG crowds. Oathmark has already solidly marked out the general Fantasy Wargame space with quality, affordable plastic regiments. I think Tolkienesque Elves are probably a saturated market, only really good for Digital sets.

    Maybe the Shadowrun, Stargrave and Necromunda people? Make them a bit Cyber, a lot assassiny. 

  • @Mark Dewis assassain is the sort of vibe I was hoping for. My thought was close enough to be a variant of Wood Elves (just a different type of plant. Why should every elf live in a European Forest?), but also useable as a Death Fields/Exodite/Necromunda option. 

  • @Mark Dewis Actually, RPGs are one of the reasons I suggested genric guns that work for both fantasy and SciFi (there are tons of what could be best described as "isekai pulp" RPGs being turned out on Kickstarter and elsewhere all the time with 19th to early 20th tech playing a big role game wise, not mention stuff like Sludge and War Transformed). Also in theory you could actually use South East Asian elves  for martians, inner earthers, etc. for VSF and Pulp.

    The issue I see with cybertech parts for wood elves is that its not really woodsy (honestly I don't even think thats really that Exoditey given what little 40k lore I have read on them). Thats more of either a noir cyberpunk urban elf or a space pirate elf thing, and it would kinda of over power the "fantasy" aspect of the set if you ask me unless its limited to one group of the head swaps.

    @Miyuso Assassian like though is doable with stuff from several South East Asian Archipeligo civilizations  and could work both ways if done right.

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