Migration-Era Lombards

  • The Lombards/Langobards were a Germanic people who settled Northern Italy in the 6th century and have had a lasting impact on the region. I believe they would make an excellent option of expanding either the Blood Oaths or Decline and Fall lines for several reasons:

    -with their lammelar helmets and armor and their titular long beards, they offer a rather unique look compared to other Germanics like the Goths or Saxons

    -fought with many of WA's current and planned releases, like the Goths, late Romans, and both Merovingian and Carolingian Franks

    -could double as Avars, Gepids, and possibly even invading Magyars

  • I love the idea of the Lombards being an option, especially since it gives us more lamellar to use and mix with other armies.

  • While the heads may not be perfect fits, the current goth box would work perfectly as basic Lombard infantry. honestly WGA should just release a series of dark age heads to print alongside the goth box. Carolingian infantry heads, Lombard heads, Viking heads, Saxon heads, etc

  • It's true the Germanic folks all tended to look pretty samey for several centuries. It would certainly be interesting to know what these people actually looked like!

  • @Big Boi Kinda of agree, though Carolingian infantry would be intresting if we are talking armor.

  • @Hudson Adams honestly, Europeans looked sorta of samey for several centuries after the fall of Rome.

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