Technical support thread: June 2024 and forwards

  • Greetings all,

    With the advent of digital 2.0, my installation as Digital Products Manager, and our update to 19 kits per month and 9 separate tribes tier levels, its time for a new technical assistance thread.

    The goal for this thread is to deal with technical issues as they are reported. Internal work-flow has been adjusted to allow for this. I can't give a time-frame for report-to-fix until I have more data using the new internal system. The hope is that the implemented changes will allow for faster completion of adjustments.

    I will also be posting any fixed items as part of a weekly changelog on the Atlantic Digital Tribes. I will make an effort to post that changelog here on the forums as well.

    You may post reports here or email them to

    Reports should be formatted like the following example:

    Kit afftected: Nubian 10th Century Spearmen

    Part/s affected: 01.stl (or list mutliples, or a range)

    Scope of issue: File loads with errors

    feel free to add screenshots/any other accompanying information. 

    These three data points will allow the Atlantic Digital team to troubleshoot your issues and assist in getting you printing.

    The team at Atlantic Digital is committed to making your experience downloading, working with, and printing the files we produce as smooth and as high-quality as possible.

    Thank you all for your support of Atlantic Digital. You have allowed us to build it bigger, and I ask you to please help us in our quest to make the experience better.

    Your bug reports are appreciated.

    Maxwell McDougall

    Digital Products Manager and Arcane Artifact Steward

    Wargames Atlantic/ Atlantic Digital

  • Kit afftected: Classic Werewolves

    Part/s affected: rightarm01

    Scope of issue: part does not open in either Lychee or Chitubox, nor 3d builder and is listed as being 0 Kb in size

  • @Aidan Degg Noted for remediation and added to the remediation queue.

    For future reference, please reference whether the file is the supported version or the unsupported. When checking into this, I opened the unsupported first and the right arm opens fine. 

  • I posted a issue with the Monks set, from the Blood Oaths line, back when it came out. I found body 10 and 13, and their equivelents in supported as well as no puddle base versions, to have large voids in the figures (especially body 13). I just re-downloaded the set and the issue is still there.

  • @Eric Jackson noted for remediation. Put in the queue for remediation. Thank you for your report.

  • Probably not a mistake, but at least something that was left out to be uploaded:
    The sword from the alternate WW2 Romans set looks significantly different from the preview in MyMiniFactory. Could be in fact meant to be a dagger and no sword, but for sure not meant to be upscaled, getting much too broad.
    Would really like to have the sword and sheath from the preview, they look great!

  • I'll submit that as a report either way. It needs to get checked. Thank you Tobias.

  • @Lord Marcus Ah yes sorry, forgot there were multiple options! Cheers

  • @Eric Jackson The review team tells me there is no body 10 and 13 files. The bodies only go up to 08. Could you please clarify your issue, perhaps with screenshots?

  • Kit affected: German Trench Raiders

    Part(s) affected: Presumably Head08, Head09, Head10, Head11

    Scope of issue: Ten heads depicted in the parts picture, only seven heads included in the files - but one head in the files (Head04) is not in the parts picture, while four heads that are (presumably Head08, Head09, Head10, Head11) are not in the files - these are the heads circled on the attached graphic.  

    This might simply be a version control issue - the original German Trench Raider graphic only depicted the seven heads actually in the files:

  • @Lord Marcus Hello, I noticed mounted body 4 is missing from the Lakota Sioux mounted set, thank you

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