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  • Just a place to introduce yourself. Hi. I got back into the hobby over lockdown, after playing as a teenager but finding life -work, having kids to raise etc- a distraction. I found painting minis to be very good for my mental health, so here I am...I'm what you might call a seasoned veteran, my first ttg was red box D&D, first wargame was 1st edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and I quit soon after the first edition of 40K, other that a spell of solo play at the turn of the millennium. I'm currently working on minis for 5 Parsecs From Home and Five Leagues From The Borderlands.

  • It's the best, isn't it? Well, it's the third or fourth best. Probably. In the top 10 for sure. Anyway, hello.

    I'm Sigur, I like painting and playing with painted figures. And I do like a forum. Thumbs up to WA for having one!

  • I'm a long time wargamer too and really like what Atlantic have been doing. Really hoping for many more Classic Fantasy sets maybe an undead ice giant????? (smile) I like forums also and it's nice to see this. Hope it is a success. Now, ice giants?

  • Hello.

    I have a decent amount of Wargames Atlantic  content on my blog at


  • Looking forward to seeing everyone's conversions.

    I've been eyeing the Death Fields Cannon Fodder and the WW1 French as cheap options for 28mm siege of vraks Renegades, thinking of mixing in pig iron head bits and making some crude armor plates/pauldrons from plasticcard and green sfuff.

  • Hi all.  Been on the facebook for a while.  Have several sets but only actually built and painted 2 boxes of skeletons and 6 of the deathfield space dwarves (I can never remember the names :( ) 


    Long term wargamer who has only got back into it in the last two years.  Used to play 40k back in the rogue trader days, have lots of old metal armies of various kinds lying around which I am seriously attempting to get painted - but you keep buying new stuff no matter what the pile of shame looks like :)

    Planning to paint up 6 boxes of halflings this year to make a kings of war army. 

  • Same here, got back into the hobby early 2020, but for me mostly with terrain that led me back to my old favorite game - Mordheim, and then into Frostgrave which I absolutely love as well.

    Then things have rapidly escalated and spiraled out of control with minis for Stargrave and D&D, and now I'm even considering getting into Napoleonics for The Silver Bayonet.

    And inspired by other crafters, I also recently started a YouTube channel where I plan to do terrain tutorials and mini reviews. I just posted my first video last week

  • Hey Everybody. Lord Marcus, AKA Max McDougall on facebook, and owner of McDougall Designs.

    I've been in this hobby for 19 years now. My main interests are the legions of undeath.

    Happy to help everyone however I can.

  • Legatus Hedlius here. I have been painting plastic soldiers since 1970 although now deteriorating eyesight means I can only paint under direct sunlight. Glad to see Wargames Atlantic have moved production frrom China and so am now happy to buy a number of their historical boxes (not interested in Death Fields) especially the Afghans and Conquistadores. Always amazed by what estoterica some people think are viable plastic sets but then again who would have thought we would get plastic Aztecs? Still think WA should concentrate on ranges where one or two boxes can give pretty much of an army (Mycaeneans/Trojans hint hint). Good luck to the firm you are doing splendid work!

  • Hello peeps, I began with wargaming at the end of the summer but I have been looking at the hobby for years now. Currently working on Cybergrave (Basically Stargrave but in a cyberpunk setting, got some Grognards and Cannon fodder for that) and working on my Turnip28 regiment "45th Bienenkorb", got some Prussian reserves for those.

    Love the style and variability of the WGA miniatures and have some great ideas for future projects (that I, for now, have to resist because I already have a plastic pile of -shame- potential).

  • Hi all, long time wargamer of (almost) all periods


  • Thank you, WGA for providing this space and for NOT doing Discord!

    Started gaming in the 80s, still have my beaky space marines, and just ran a successful Kickstarter to make my own miniatures.  Happy to be part of the WGA family.  Cheers! ~ Nicholas

  • Hello, all

    Nice to have a good old forum, and not just constant scrolls

  • Hello, glad to see a forum, specially since I'm not on social media. I'm currently building a WA Imperial Guard army and i would love some critique. I'll post pics soon.

  • Howzit all

  • Oh, I'm glad WA added a traditional forum - I'm much more at home in one of these than I am with a FaceBook group and the like!  :)

    I'm mostly a role-playing gamer, sometimes a skirmish game, and a mini "collector" (read:  hoarder!)  I've been into these hobbies off and on since the 1980s.  I'm addicted to kit-bashing!

    In theory, I'm here for the "classic fantasy" line, but I get more excited about the pulp adventure, horror, and sci-fi friendly offerings - I'm really enjoying the Victorian SciFi, WWI-WWII, "Imperial Conquest", and similar products, as well as things like the "Cannon Fodder" set for sci-fi gaming, and I've also bought a few of WA's Dark Ages and ancients sets (they fit right into generic fantasy!) 

    My three favorite WA sets so far are the Halflings, French Resistance, and Cannon Fodder!  (The lizard-men would join those in my top 5!)

    I'm really loving the "Accessory Sprue" idea, too, and my favorite part of the newsletter is the "Sneak Peak: A Look Behind the Curtain" column - I also love looking at the upcoming schedule and seeing all those tantalizing references to "SECRETS!"  :)


  • @Berggeit - The Cybergrave idea is great!  I can't remember whether a Cyberpunkset was one of my suggestions during the big poll several months ago, but it could have been, it was one of the ideas I was tossing around at the time.  I bet the French Resistance can be souped up into some great Cyberpunk guys, now that I think of it:  with the retro suits, fedoras, and other bits in that set, they're not very far off from a Noir aesthetic already... they just need some blasters, scanners, and so on to bring them 20 minutes into the future as hardboiled blade-runners and so on :)

  • Hey everyone. I am a long time, old school wargamer, now heading towards retirement. My goal is to reduce the "Lead and Plastic Mountains" and get some value time modelling, painting and gaming as I get more free time. My work meant that the Pandemic has meant less free time rather than more. I am a sucker for a good sculpt or figure range, so WGA roll out the temptations! 😁

  • Hello, all I've also been a TTG for quite a while. I've followed WA since the Grognards infantry kit was among their first releases about 2 years ago. Glad I stayed aboard especially with those spicy Italians showing up soon


  • Hey everyone.

    Been doing miniatures wargaming since Christmas of '87, when my friends bought me a copy of a Science Fantasy RPG and skirmish battle system called "Rogue Trader".  Tinkered with it for a while, but left my minis behind in the USofA when I moved to Greece for a couple of years, then started actually playing when I returned to the states in '91.
    Played various versions of that game for about 17 years, finally starting to really paint my minis in the last few years of that. Burned out on that game in 2004, but still bought and built models.
    Got into FoW for a while after that, but tournament emphasis sucked a lot of fun out of that game after a couple of years.   Switched over/back to board gaming as my primary gaming hobby.
    Still do some model and mini building and painting.   I like to kitbash stuff, and prefer to work with quality hard plastic kits, so was a natural WA customer.
    Oddly, I have done less work with my minis since the pandemic - even during the lockdown.

    Some hobby related stuff on my blog - which I update infrequently.

  • Hello folks, 

    It was a great surprise for me to see Wargames Atlantic has started a forum. Not being on Facebook has been challenging, cutting me off from a large part of the hobby community but I strongly dislike the Facebook platform and will not support it. So thank you Wargames Atlantic! 

    I have tried to be vocal in the various news pages’ comment sections and I have talked about Wargames Atlantic on my blog but it is brilliant to be able to join the community here... in particular to see everyone’s gaming and artwork.

    Like more than a few here I have only returned to the hobby a couple of years ago after a break of several decades... having been part of the 40k crowd back during the Rogue Trader days. I never really got into WHFB but I wanted to. Now on returning I have found there is so much more available than just GW. 

    As far as I am concerned Wargames Atlantic has gone from success to success with each release. I look forward to seeing that continue and seeing the work of other hobbyists here on this forum. 

  • Hey all! I have been on the Facebook group for a while, and I am very glad to see a forum again. I have a few groups that I am in that use Discord, and I have to say I really don't like the constant stream. So, thank you Wargames Atlantic for doing this.

    I have been building and painting models and miniatures with varying degrees of success and skill since the 1970s. I started roleplaying in the late 1970s and miniature wargaming in the mid-80s. My miniatures hobby really took off around 1993 or 94, when I started working at a games shop part time. Having a good discount on minis and paints helped me really start down the path to Mount Miniatures. I have worked for three games stores since, which has caused me to paint far more minis for other people than I really would have liked.

    Now I am mostly painting whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I don't have any local opponents, so I am gearing up for some solo gaming until I can find some. If you are in or willing to travel to Long Beach, California for some gaming, let me know.

    I just got the bases I wanted for a set of halflings, so they are the next models on the list. After that, I'll probably work on some Great War models, goblins, or lizardmen. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing.

  • Hello...

    My name is Frank (like you see) and I came from germany... so excuse my bad english... schools out so long and I need english not very often... 

    I came to wargaming in the 80s - Battletech, then w40k and fantasy, I was a great fan of Bruce Hirst for building wargaming terrain and dioramas. 

    Actually I collect and build a big Eisenkern-Army with an alternate Background and units from diverent Systems. But no more for gaming... only  for showcase... 

  • Hi all :D I'm a mini painter and wargamer of many years. Started as many do with GW and still collect and paint them, but have branched out to collecting stuff just because I fancy it. I have my heart set on some Afghan warriors for use in Sludge and Turnip28, once my backlog is teetering a little less!

  • Hi all. I used to play WFB (4th-5th edition) and 40k (2nd edition), plus a bunch of other GW games, back in the 1990s. I fell out of the hobby from about 2000-2010 but returned, initially with Blood Bowl and Necromunda (before they were re-released) and then WFB (8th edition).


    These days, my main interest is in skirmish games, particularly Frostgrave though I've dabbled with a few other things.

  • @Yronimos Whateley I'm also super thankful they added a traditional forum.

  • Hello my name is Viktor, I am based in Berlin and have been wargaming since the 90s. Joined this forum in a heartbeat when I learned that it existed. A hobby forum that is not hidden from public view or mediated by Big Tech? Almost unheard of in 2021. God bless you!

    Atlantic Wargames have really been *KILLING* it recently:

    • free shipping to EU
    • US-based production
    • cool PR stunts (like that big multi-stage survey to determine their next kit)
    • continually releasing those cool fantasy/sci-fi crossover kits
    • and on and on

    Amazing! If there is one thing I wish for it would be a kind of "mystery box" item on their web store where I can pay 50 EUR or so and they just send me some random sprues. There are so many cool kits that I just don't need six or eight duplicate sprues from without a good reason.


  • Hi all looking forward to getting more sets in the new year. Without dought my favourite wargames manufacturer.  

  • My name is Stilton Disco, and I am an alcoho... wait, wrong forum.


    I started playing war with little painted toys when I was a young lad in the early 90's, firstly with stuff like my older brothers' copy of Space Crusade, then getting 2nd edition 40K, Heroquest, Battletech and the like, up until the early 2000's when I discovered drinking. Huh  maybe that opening joke was accurate...


    Cut to 2018, when I discovered If The Emperor had a Text to Speach series on YouTube. You think to yourself 'oh, this is funny, but I'm not getting into the plastic crack again', then it's a year later and you're buying OOP recast Dreadnought parts from China and writing an intricate backstory for the army of little yellow and black armoured dudes you've made.


    GW can sod right off though, so I've mostly stopped playing actual 40K again already, and either play stuff like Aliens: Another Glorious day in the Corps or use One Page Rules.


    I have been avidly awaiting the Bulldog Space Brits from Death Fields since they were announced, and have high hopes once there are actual rules for it!

  • "Hi, Stilton!"  :)

    We're all mini-holics and plasti-crack addicts here....

  • Really loving to see all this enthusiasm and being able to interact with the non-Facebook folks. Thanks for joining up!

  • Hello all, I am from Portugal, and have been building, painting (badly), and playing with miniatures since 1994.

    Never realy stopped, but since me and my wife finally settled,I was able to really get into the hobby again. I am a big fan of Saga, HC, Dragon Rampant and Oathmark, and am currently trying to adapt the TVBCW to 1950\60 Portugal.

  • Yo! How goes? Checking in from Providence Rhode Island! Long time gamer with trouble focusing on any one game! WGA is not helping in that regards! Lol

  • Hi,

    Joining from Leeds in the UK. 

    I'm currently mostly buying WA kits at the moment to make Warbands for Saga

  • Hi from the U.K. 

    Long time member on the FB group. Primarily into Sci Fi atm, with Cannons Fodder being my fave set so far.

    Looking forward to seeing what people have been creating with their sets.

  • I'm really looking forward to the Space Brits so I can combine them with Hobbits.

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    That's quite an interesting idea, thank you! 

  • Too old to remember when exactly started doing table too stuff - but it was all metal, you used humbrol to paint it and the dice charts were epic (if really badly photocopied!)

    GW blowing up warhammer got me into Kings of War (unit based mass battle game) and the fantasy and dark age back historical kits from WGA are awesome (esp the Irish - which give a peasant vibe without the farm implements!)


  • Hi folks.

    Longish member of the FB group, and about 45 years into an obession with little plastic figures. I'm glad that this forum has opened, and am happy to throw money WAs way as they make such a nice variety of figures. Long may that continue!

    At  the moment my focus is on making a halfling army (between WA and Mantic), but that could soon change once the bulldogs come out... definately looking forward to them.

    Womble of Darkness comes from a series of flyers for a completely fake games company I used to do in the 90s and 2000s, The White Wizards of the Leading Tactical Strategic Workshop. Publishers of the RPG "Womble - the Cleansing" and its collectable Card Game "Rubbish - the Gathering"; I used to have all sorts of fun thinking up silly games and products for them to announce publication of. 

  • As so many here, I am an old Wargaming Veteran who got back into it after a years long hiatus. Mostly into modelling/Painting because its a relaxing hobby. I like the WA sculpts and looking foward to building some Sci Fi Soldiers as well as conquistadores.

  • Hi all,


    I started gaming in the mid to late 1980s and have been in and out of the hobby ever since. My kids liek Warhammer (from the hugely successful magazine series) so I cracked and bought the new Kill Team.


    Curently playing avariety of smaller games like Stargrave, Ronin and This is Not a Test so WA is pretty much perfect for intersting team members and suchlike. I tend to puchase at shows (when they were on) from War and Peace games in NSW.


    That said, I have developed an odd interest in C3rd AD Rome and am tempted by the new Decline and Fall range. Oh, and the skellies for the Greeks - some day I may even paint up my Wargods of Olympus kickstarter stuff and the hoplite skeletons would make terrific additions to a Hades force.

  • Hi`all,  I `m slowly comming back to the world of wargaming and modelling. The real world gave us all a bit of a kicking last couple of years.  Possible that at 67 years young I might be your oldest member anyway I`m a Modern,  Si/Fi,  Fantasy, man with my wife Eileen we are Airborne and Gingernut from Rubicon Forum. Cheers to all there members on here. To the journey my new friends.  

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    @Hudson Adams 

    Is there a way for a mod to pin this thread or for it to be moved it its own section? It seems to be getting lost in the chatter.

  • Morning all! Another returnee to models and games after many years abscence... funny how age and serious illness (now fully recovered!) can bring you back to things that you love but had forgotten! I work in spcialist publishing, but now enjoy all kinds of games if they're well thought out, and I esepcially like creating bespoke character figures so the WGA plastics are perfect for me! Looks like there are some great projects going on here, looking forward to checking everything out 😍

  • Hello everyone!

    I don't really play any games, but I love the painting aspect of miniatures. I returned to the hobby about 6 years ago, and have been very slowly painting ever since. I tend to flit between projects shamelessly, but one of these days I'll actually completely finish a project!

  • Hey all. Long into gaming by now. Twenty years, since I was a kid. 
    many different settings and ranges. But most of all it's nice models and the painting/hobby aspect as that's what it's easier to find time for. 
    So playing games has become a lot harder to fit in with kids and schedules. 

  • Howdy, I'm a late millennial gamer from Minnesota. My primary wargaming experience for the last twenty years has been with Battletech and Battletroops, but my wife has exposed me to a much broader world of the hobby and miniature painting in general. Having a range that is beginner budget friendly (for me), while still being interesting to more experienced folks (for her) lead me here.

  • Once upon a time, I used to be an historical gamer -Squad Leader, Napoleonic and Medieval mostly- till I heard about Chainmail, War of the Ring and D&D. Then came Laserburn and WhFB 1st, and I turned into quite a dual classe collector/hoarder player. 

    But in 2003 I moved to Canada and put everything related to hobbies aside- read I sold mostly everything in order to make room for "real stuff" as wife used to say.

    Thanks to FB and gamer rings, I heard about the Oldhammer gang, and started lurking on fabulous blogs full of gorgeous minis and scenery elements and most of time people there were chatting about rule sets.

    But I did manage to pass my Sanity check.

    2020 was a different story, telecommuting all day long was (and still is) quite an experiment and since I had to stop my rpg games I needed a new hobby. In Feb, my father died of Covid so we crossed the Atlantic for explicite reasons. He was quite a devoted and avid wargamer -mostly into Napoleonic era- and shared my newly "fantasy/scifi" hobby... we had tons of fun building scenery, painting minis and playing games. But when I turned 28, I just quit the Hobby, focusing on rpgs, old boardgames and .. wife. 

    So when I moved to the frigid Canadian wastes -snow and bitter cold were totally new to me, I put the stuff I was not willing to give away -and the All-Maker does know I gave away a lot of things back then- in big boxes and let them gather dust in my father's garage for about 20 years. I was like a kid again when opening them alongside the remaining tin soldiers from my Old Man collection. I recovered what left of my long forgotten and neglected late 70s/ early 00s miniatures collection and some rules sets (Whfb 2nd in French, my spare 3rd books, RT books..).

    Thanks to Oldhammer blogs, I learnt about Frostgrave/Oathmark, RogueStars and Lion Rampant.. nice games -excepted RS- all of them. Then came Stargrave to fillful that scifi side of mine but I needed more and someone told me about One Page Rule (Fantasy and GF/GFF). Love at first sight. Now I am playing with kids and wife, and thanks to lockdown and pandemia, we had tons of fun.

    WA is fulfilling some of my basic needs to populate my old campain setting and still will do thanks to latest releases and preorders stuff. ... and dedicated forum is a marvelous idea to meet and share with people from all over the world. 

    You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars....  

  • Howdy y'all! I've been playing tabletop games (mostly TTRPGs, physically and through Roll20) since I was a teenager. I've recently gotten back into Gundam plastic models, and happened upon this video where the creator was painting up and basing some Gunpla for use in the game "Gamma Wolves". I was surprised by the crossover potential, and after watching the video I decided to sidegrade and get the supplies I needed to paint minis as well.

    I haven't done a lot of model painting at all, and zero painting for miniatures, but I am excited to do so. I got a hold of a couple of errant WA sprues, for practice/testing, and plan to buy some proper boxes soon. When I looked into WA more the community seemed nice so I stopped in. I'll be sure to field any questions I am not able to answer in my research to the appropriate channels. Happy painting!

  • Good evening everyone!

    My name is Spurlie and I love playing Bolt Action and Age of Sigmar!

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