Kitbash - Resistance and Civilians

  • Alright folks, more peasants.
    French Resistance is among my favorite kits: very versatile, I can build guys from early '20s to later '70s, just with judicious headswaps.

    These guys I envisioned as early WWII partisans, especially the guy with a cap, and the farmers.
    The older gentlemen at the sides could probably work even as late as the '80s, but both carry '40s firearms.

    Cap guy is French Resistance plus WWI German head, and Perry - or Bolt Action? - WWII arms.
    Farmers are French Resistance plus Fireforge Folk Rabble arms - and they have a nicely generic vibe, so they could be French, Italian, Polish, whatever.

    The survivor couple is Studio Miniatures bodies with Perry guns and assorted bits.
    They are smaller than WGA, but some bits mix ok with WGA kits - so I kept them in for variety.

    I assembled more partisan guys.
    Next post I'll show more.

  • @Araden Kwyll that paint style is marvelous.

  • @Jules Moles 

    It's a bit scruffy, but I feel it belongs with survivors and partisans.
    It's really glazing over a tan coat, plus progressively lighter somewhat random highlights.


  • Alright folks, new post.
    I'm appending it to the previous one to keep things tidy, as they used to do on forums on ye olde times; somebody let me know what's more fashionable nowaday: new topic for each picture, or appending to old posts in the same topic.

    . . .

    And... here we come with more guys, kitbashed from French Resistance.
    Historical head, some WWII bits, book from Frostgrave Wizards, and a bit of repositioning.

    I envision these guys are preachers, priests, demagogue, agitators, political speakers and so on.
    Somebody to rile crowds up or raise morale of troops.
    Or rebuke the undead...


  • @Araden Kwyll image failed saddly.

  • Yes, the picture failed :( 

    I did go to the Facebook page, though, and I'm pretty sure I saw it there - looks fantastic!  I'm loving the stuff you've been doing with Tehnolog figures and the Afghans and such, too.

    The French Resistance kit is really looking like it's going to be one of my favorite modern kits ever, if not my favorite kit in any genre:  alongside Great Escape Games' plstic gunfighters kit and the Reaper Bones plastic "Chronoscope" figures, the French Resistance kit has been a great source of bits for early 20th Century weird/pulp adventure, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy stuff!

    Keep posting more, I'm loving what you're doing with this stuff, that post-apocalyptic thing you've been doing is a personal favorite sci-fi subgenre of mine!




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