Comparison Shot and Sneak Peek all in one!

  • Photo and painting by Matthew Leahy

    Grognard commander, upcoming Bulldog, Cannon Fodder, Raumjager, Einherjar

    What should the next faction be while we add more boxes to these five? 


  • Japanese or Russian themed.

  • @John Wilson where's your profile pic John? 🤪

  • lightly armored infantry with cloaks ;)

  • is that a cup of tea in the buldogs hand? Bravo, if so!

  • @Womble Of Darkness of course! 

  • @Hudson Adams I would like to see either Japanese, American or Russian, but then I think how standard they are. So mybe Chinese or maybe Korean next. Not saying I'm not looking forward to the ones I mentioned, but let's mix things up a little.

  • @Chris Guy one of the beautiful things about the Death Fields setting and the idea that not only human warriors, but beings from across the galaxy, have been abducted over the last few millenia to become teams in the games is that the number of teams/factions can really be unlimited. We may have 10-20-50 different factions at some point so we should be able to do some very interesting things.

  • @Hudson Adams what would there be for russians? Vodka, balalaika, ushanka, lapti, valenki, kosovorotka? Pet bear?

  • @Judge Doug Good generic sci-fi scouts, which might also make good alternatives for a famous IG Regiment.

  • I'd also like to see the Sci-fi US light infantry

    for bug hunts......also bugs😁.



  • @Womble Of Darkness i was going to say that too, pip pip and all that

  • Russians/Soviets in Space with ushanka Heads. Gasmasks and entrenching tools for Trench fights. Rifles like futuristic AK's. 

    Bugs - like Starship Troopers 

    American, then a japanese or chinese Box.


  • Heavily armored space Romans.

  • @John Wilson agree!)

  • @Tungdil Goldhand oh no man please no space ushankas)))) or as one of headgear type, accompanied with a fur collar as an option for cold weather. 

  • Can't wait to have more officers able to discuss warfare over a nice cuppa!

    Also love the idea of some Alien universe Colonial Marines inspired yanks, and Space Romans.

    I'd love to see some Sci Fi Egyptians myself though. 

  • Romans or Zulu! 

  • Aside from factions, have you considered selling bases?

  • @Serge Vassilenko meant the normal ushanka hats. Maybe together with gasmask.

    Not the big grognards fur heads. 

  • Like to see Japanese DF. I recommend standard kabuto with a Sergeant variation. With a modernized karuta. Weapon of choice will katana, odachi, and arisaka.

  • Autonomous robots?

  • Personally I think you should just do some rules at this point, counting the lizards and spiders you have 7 factions which is enough to start.

    Failing that, I think the smartest choses would either be something Asian like Japanese (samurai combined with WW2 in space with power armor support or the onna-bugeisha from the Battle of Aizu in power armor) or preferably an Alien faction (though if you just focus on Iron Core and do the Shadowkesh I would be happy) at this point unless you have something your half done with already like the genric trooper pics John was showing.

    You could also just do upgrade sprues to make Sci-Fi equivalents to colonial troops like Gurkha,  Sepoy, Askari, Senegalese, etc. (either as upgrades for historical sets planned or as upgrades to the Death Fields faction kits you already have).    

  • @John Wilson

    Agree about needing some more Xenos (though I think the spiders fill the bug roll just great, skinnies maybe?).

    Yeah they should probably just finish the "vanilla starship troopers” next.

    That all said I don't see a need or want for “generic” light scouts since the cannon fodder can take care of that roll for the other factions with head swaps just fine for everyone but the Einherjar right now.  Though maybe an upgrade sprue of padless shoulder arms with weapon form the other factions, some cloaks, some scopes, and maybe a drone to go with might be good.

    Now if what you’re really wanting is guys in shorts and short sleeve shirts, I say WA should just do Bush Wars Mercs in space in that case which again would get the job done as “generic” scouts for other factions with a head swap out just fine, none of this banding about the word “generic” since frankly there is nothing generic when it comes done to the brass tacks with war gaming minis, i.e. its inaccurate, what your actually wanting is “vanilla”, plus “vanilla” is kind of boring.


  • Would love an alternative heads set, with Apes, Aliens, etc to add to anything but am wanting apes in boiler suits.

  • Love apes too but we need Robots...need Robots for Stargrave 5 parsecs from home etc....Robots!!!!!

  • @Robert Nelson robots with different heads and a few weapons would be good. Terminator/Necron/Skull heads, Cylon like heads, Cyberman like heads and a selection of mixed cameras/cyberpunk/retro-future generic robot heads, would all be great and cover a wide range of games and RPG Scenarios. 

  • Starship Troopers skinnies, which can fill in the various “Greys” tropes and general purpose Robots would be excellent for multi-genre, multi-setting use sound good to me.

    EDIT: Anthropomorphic alien heads can really help make kits much more multi-purpose. 

  • @Vincent Helmus There's actually some decent ones as STL for 3D printing and there'll be a Kickstarter soonish by someone else for their own Sci-fi Romans. So 2 sources. But a WGA set would be cool too, since they'll probably do a great job and they'll be in plastic.

  • @Paul Lucey Boiler suits = Cannon Fodder. Ape heads, check out Crooked Dice, although in metal.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Copyright might be an issue, but if you have access to a 3D printer Bob Naismith has some great Skinnies on offer in STL form. A WGA take on the generic Greys should be popular and doing a variant of the "Skinnies" (tall humanoids) shouldn't be hard.

  • @Michael Jaffray I found the out of production Prodos Warzone take on futuristic Samurai quite good. I mean they would need some sort of rifles.

  • I second Space Arabs/Bedouin/Touareg aka Desert Raiders or Dune Raiders. Dune Riders would also be a decent potential name. Cyborg Laser Camels optional. Dito for giant Sand Wor...ahm Centipedes.

  • @Sebastian giant centipede cavalry would be absolute nightmare fuel.


    I love it!

  • @Sebastian  I do not have a 3d printer...yet anyway... but I still prefer plastic,for kitbashing and conversions, to resin. But thanks for the tip.

  • I think the obvious suggestions would be WW2 Russians in full winter gear, Mongolians (particularly with horses on the way), something in dress uniform and something in the style of the US in Vietnam or Latin American insurgents. These would pretty effectively fill out the alternatives to the most famous regiments in that other game. 

    In terms of what I think would look cool and interesting, I'd echo the above comments about the Japanese. You could potentially draw together a number of influences from the Ninja/Samurai of the Feudal era right up to more modern times; Oni-masks would look pretty badass. (actually forget the mask part, maybe they're like the Ogres and they've been genetically engineered into actual Oni and Onryou like creatures?) Shaolin monks could be an idea, and might lend themselves to interesting poses like they're doing gun-fu or somesuch. Pirates could be fun. You could model them without uniform weapons, like they just steal whatever they can from defeated opponents and use those; likewise make any armour kind of patch-work and make them look a bit rag-tag. 


    For future upgrade sprues, you could probably get away with making a generic heavy/support weapon sprue. I don't know if there might be plans to make faction specific teams for everyone or just Les Grognards, but if not, then things like RPGs and arms for a loader should work across the whole range, and any deviation from the uniforms of the rest of the army could be explained by them being in a specialist role. Likewise a CQB specialist upgrade with up-armoured or cybernetic limbs should translate well across the whole range due to the specialist role. If cybernetic limbs do happen, it would be cool to get some cyberpunk style integrated melee weapons, like fold-out chainsaws or wolverine claws. 

  • @Stephen Sutton Shades of Relic Knights factions in that comment.

  • @Stilton Disco I want some tread boxes with guns.


  • Ok, something that can workwith the themes WA has been doing so far. Historically themed soldiers displaced in space and time.

    (That could be used as various themed factions from a certain other manufacturer)

    U.S. soldiers, from the Vietnam war.

    Jungle fighters, in space with futuristic weapons 😉

  • Romans (as beautifully illustrated above), or Chinese stylee.

  • Ah, the Bulldogs will be great for steampunk conversions as well


    I would suggest:

    • Winged Hussars
    • Samurai
    • Zulu's
    • Saxons
    • Finish (Winter War)
    • Two in one idea: An alien race from some time before their demise by their robots and their robots (made somewhat in their image)


  • As mentioned several times- Russians.

    And as mentioned above, Winged Hussars.  They might with the right bits work for historical, fantasy, and sci fi.

  • @Berggeit I like the idea of the alien race exterminated by their own robots, maybe it could even be one kit. I'm imagining that they've created their own Skynet, which developed infiltrators to seek out enclaves of survivors and... terminate them. 

  • I'll echo the suggestion of light infantry in camoflauge cloaks, not unlike a certain lonely regiment from a certain series of books...

    Also an American faction of some sort, and a separate Native American faction would both be cool. 

  • First, I love the side-by-side picture with all these Death Fields factions, it's nice to see them all together, and the models and paint look fantastic!

    Second, bravo on the "Death Fields Accessory Sprue" - a great idea, and that sort of thing will work great for making "Death Fields' armies out of all sorts of historical and even fantasy figures!

    Third, I hope I don't come across a spoil-sport, but think whatever is done next might best be something that can't be easily kit-bashed out of existing historical kits, with Death Fields Accessories and bits, and something that hasn't already been beaten to death by older manufacturers.


    So, I'm thinking maybe something like...

    • More Accessory Sprues, for even more variety in Death Fields bits, for kitbashing. 
      • Those armored space-Romans, for example, can be kitbashed from the Late Romans and wold look great - just add some futuristic helmets and lasers to the torsos/legs, and maybe some sci-fi greeblies like rebreathers, shoulder armor, and the like; some distinctive sci-fi weaponry optional.
      • Ditto for the space-Russians:  I'd rather see great, distinctive historical Russians of some sort, and kitbash the distinctive torso/leg bits with some sci-fi ushanka-and-gasmask or other bits, with "laser-Kalashnikovs" or whatever.
      • And for the cyberpunk Space Marines thing:  I think some sci-fi guys in Modern US combat armor with futuristic guns and other gear is a popular idea, thanks to "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens" and the like, but it's something that could be kitbashed pretty easily from a hypothetical Modern US Army kit, with an Accessory Sprue's sci-fi guns. 
    • Heavy Accessories:  I think the Grognards kit looks like a great idea:  the command accessories are great, the heavy weapons emplacements are fantastic, with lots of uses besides Death Fields in other sci-fi games.  Would like to see more of this sort of thing!
      • Skirmish game objectives like large computer terminals, comms, scanners, sentry-guns, guard posts, spotlights, and the like can be useful,
      • Seated and kneeling bodies for gun crews, and command figures or bits for other factions seem like they would have an audience.
      • Heavy weaponry - sniper rifles, chain-guns, flame throwers, BFGs, missile launchers, and the like are always useful.
      • Non-weapon tools and equipment are surely useful as well:  scanners, communicators, hand and power tools, mine detectors, etc.
    • Robots and Aliens seem like great ideas that can't really be overdone by other companies: 
      • There aren't a lot of options out there, unless you count Warhammer 40K stuff, and the (so-far) limited options in the Stargrave stuff. 
      • Even accessory sprues featuring sets of humanoid alien heads with distinctive sci-fi weaponry, and cyborg bits, are an improvement over the limited options available from the recent Stargrave kits! 
      • Elf heads with Cannon-Fodder or other Death Fields torsos and arms make for some quick-and-easy not-Vulcans.  A "classic fantasy" Elf kit might even be designed with elf costumes that would fit either fantasy or sci-fi settings, so that fantasy elves can be kitbashed into a sci-fi faction.
      • There's not a lot of variety in sci-fi out there, either - I keep hoping to see some more retro-sci-fi stuff ("raygun gothic" rocket-ships and rayguns), pulp sci-fi (see the old John Carter novels, and other early sci-fi), cyberpunk, and other genres.  Death Fields seems like an opportunity to mix things up a bit with some different sci-fi subgenres!
      • I like the Grey Alien suggestion!
    • Non-humanoid aliens are even harder to find than humanoid aliens in these sorts of multi-part kits, and I for one would like to see more.  (The giant spider kit is great, if a bit fiddly to put together!)
      • "Starfish Aliens" and other aliens that don't have bilateral symmetry... Lovecraftian tentacle monsters and the like fit this category really well!
      • Oddly-shaped humanoid bodies - such as the Lizard Men, are also an option... very tall, short, wide, heavy, slender, etc., or bodies with very short or long limbs, or odd postures, etc.
      • We could perhaps use some accessory sprues to expand the weapons options for the Lizard men, and such sprues could double as arms for some other alien factions.
      • I think a "War of the Worlds" style Martian kit could be brilliant: some sort of retro "steampunk" war machines, driven by small, weak alien pilots.  (Daleks fit a similar template, and would be a more manageable size than H.G. Wells' public domain equivalent, so maybe something in a similar spirit to both?)  I imagine these going to war with Victorian British soldiers on Earth, or with Death Fields Bulldogs on Mars!
    • Someone in another thread requested "Space Orcs"... and I think more than a couple of us agree that a sort of "Space Orc" thing could be fun, as long as it's different from the 40k template...
      • I suggest "Sci-Fi Morlocks" and/or mutants, from some bombed-out post-apocalyptic death world of the future, where mankind has been driven underground into vast underground factories and bomb-shelters to subsist on cannibalism while awaiting the end of nuclear winter... or something of the sort.  If the bits are compatible with the Classic Fantasy goblins, then that's even better! :)
      • Alternatively, "Space Orcs" might take the form of Sci-Fi Cromags - pulp cave men/wild-men with disrupter rays!


    Of these, I think my favorites are the  Morlocks/Mutants ("space orcs"), and the Steampunk Martian War Machines.

    The most popular item on my list might, I suspect, be some modern/historical US soldiers, who can be kitbashed into sci-fi Colonial Marine Troopers, when combined with Cannon Fodder and Accessory Sprue bits.  (Historical Russians of some sort - perhaps some that would fit the WWI and/or WWII lines? - who can be kitbashed into sci-fi Russians seem like another easy win!)

    But, I'd be happy with accessory sprues, heavy weapons/command kits, robots, aliens, cyborg/humanoid accessory sprues:  these aren't flashy, but they could have a lot of great uses for different projects!


    TL;DR:  Cannibal Morlock "sci-fi orcs" - IN SPACE!  

    Or alternatively, bite-sized "War of the Worlds" style Martian War Machines!

  • @Yronimos Whateley Lots of excellent suggestions there.

    Entirely too niche probably but your starfish suggestion got me thinking of Neal Asher’s Prador...




    . Prador Moon


    ..... giant sentient Space Crabs with crab like exoarmor suits and humanoid cyberthralls.

  • @Hudson Adams  will we see any W.A. rules for death fields soon?

  • Space egyptians that look like they came out of a certain 90s TV show with pyramid spaceships and glowing rings of water would be pretty cool to get at some point. 

  • Cannot wait for the space brits sprue. So torn between which kit to buy for my sci-fi afghan war themed imperial guard! Holding off until the preview pics come out 😁

  • @Dalton McCormick aye, Stargate options would be great, but I'd also like more historical based and original sci fi concept alternatives too.

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