Painting without taste.

  • Here's a selection of (mostly GW) Models I've painted over the last few years, mostly in eye seeringly garish colours!  I wish I had time to do more, but hopefully in the new year, particularly once the Death Fields Bulldogs come out!

  • A winged hussar..... dreadnought? Not a combo I was expecting but amusing nonetheless.

  • @Lord Azn it's also an Apothecary Dreadnought. Because who wouldn't want a giant, Plasma Cannon equiped, walking coffin, with limit ranges of movement and fields of vision, as their doctor?

  • As someone who played 40k in 2nd edition, I like the colourful approach.

  • Nice.

  • @Ben Saunders 2nd edition was my first proper wargame that wasn't a hand me down from my older brothers. It, and the 90's generally, have done terrible things to my preference for colour schemes (including the eye seerig way I dress, much to my wife's chagrin).

  • Aaaah, brings back those wonderful 90s vibes. 🎶Those were the daaaays!🎶

    Also, love the Angry Marines in the second pic.  "ALWAYS ANGRY!  ALL THE TIME!!!"

  • Honestly, I love bright, bold colours like this. Grim and gritty can be cool, but these are awesome.

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