Roman shield transfers

  • Let us know which of these you'd be interested in! Design by Samir Majstoric


  • I know this won't help much Hudson, but all of them would be brilliant! ;-) If you numberered them 1 to 8 with 1-4 on the top row left to right and 5-8 bottom row left to right, my order of preference would be 1,7,8,4,6, 7,2,3,5. :-)

  • The chi rho is a must have honestly but i also really like the second design on the top row

  • Well, spokes and Chi-rho are essentials, so you need to have them in a variety of colours ideally - spokes for Auxilairies, Chi-Ro for Legionaries.


  • I see shield patterns of V Macedonica, II Britannica, Octavani from the Notitia as well as a shield pattern based on the Great Hunt mural from Piazza Armerina. I'm building a Tetrachic army of Diocletian/Maximian/Galerius/ Constantius Chlorus. Most of the patterns are a little late for that. I'd like to see shield transfers based on the illustrations in Osprey's "Roman Legionary AD 284-337" especially the one depicting Hercules. Osprey's "Imperial Legionary AD 161 has some suitable illustrations for the Tetrarchic period.Also the shield with the box pattern from the Great Hunt mural. I realize there's more evidence for the later shield patterns and I'm building an army of a transitional period. I suggest your designer look over the Notitia Dignitatum for ideas for the later period.

  • @Ten Fingered Jack adding some more decorative ones too


  • Herculani and Ioviani would be nice.

    Note that many units hat Seniores and Iuniores Formations with similary decoration but different colours.

  • @Patrick Stoddart At least one of these spoked designs belongs to a legionary unit so that distinction wouldn’t be accurate 

  • LBM make loads of shield transfers for the late Roman army and he’s done them for several different ranges so I’m sure he’d probably be interested in resizing them for the WA shield size

  • Any word on when the shield transfers will be released? I'm very eager to get my Roman project underway. 

    Since the shields are based on the Dura Europus finds, any chance of DuraEuropus transfers?






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