Boxer Rebellion T1 on the way

  • Glad to hear these are finally making an appearance! They'll definitely mix well with the First World War Germans for some Sino-Japanese War militias.

  • Totally getting that to mix with the Warring State Chinese for Wushu style fantasy Chinese. Is it next in the pipeline?

    Edit: looked at the release schedule, so it looks like it is going to be behind some things.

  • Also fits for Indiana Jones adventure style and superhero, same with teracota army. Sadly whole box is to much for me, i would like buy something like mixed chinese theme pack with some them some teracota and something else.

  • @Rondaros A'terac That is what Ebay is  for, though you can buy really good terracotta warriors right now in metal from a couple of sellers (and they will look like living statues) as well Tong types.

    That said I have at least one whole Fantasy Empire in mind and I might buy more boxers for a second more industrial fantasy army or air pirate crew so my situation is the reverse of yours.   I am going to buy these plastic sets likely in multiples (at least over my life) and there won't be left over bodies😆. Also I am actually kind of interested in Warring States period so I may even make/paint a duel use army and buy more of those kits to play WAB or something, first though comes my evil fantasy empire complete with burrecratic enforcers and WuShu warroirs.

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