15th Century Eastern Romans

  • One of the most significant periods in European and Asian history and AFAIK noone does any 15th Century "Byzantines"
    There's probably a reason for that. Few good illustrations or hard to come by info might be two of them.
    But the scope is enormous.  Not just Eastern Romans, but all kinds of allies ranging from Western powers (Italian City States) to Slavs, Turks, Russians etc.
    Their opponents, the Turks obviously, could be used with little alteration for literally centuries.

  • @Willie Bogaerts I am not super familiar with this time period. I just purchased Osprey's Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461. Fireforge games had a recent kickstarter that produced 3 plastic kits... Horse Archers, Koursores, and Cataphracts. Are these what you are suggesting? Or is it a later time? 

  • not fussed by the Byzantines, but Ottoman Turks would be so useful

  • 15th Century Byzantine natives would be mostly look like their slavic and muslim enemies and most parts of the Army since the recreated Byzantine Empire were western mercenaries.

  • @Steffen Seitter Yes, that's true and the Western contingent wouldn't be much different from say the Italian Wars.
    But there would always be a "core" of "true" Eastern Romans which are a very beautiful mix of Eastern and Western styles.

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