Male and more importantly Female Napoleonic partisan sprues/sets for games like Silver Bayonet

  • I basically I just made this topic so people will stop asking about the Camp Followers which where not only an April fool's joke but a topic that would work better as 3D printable STL files as Camp Followers did a lot of non-combatant support roles so you would not be able to put them all in 2 or 3 box sets and still have it be a multipart let alone one box.

    Plus, most importantly none of you guys asking for them want them for that😆.

    What you guys are all really wanting is a female Partisan sprue or set for things like Silver Bayonet. I have no idea how successful that game is on the marketing side of things but it does make some historical gaming sense to do a female partisan sprue for era and by extension a separate male sprue for skirmish gaming at least. (And yes you want them separate so the minis have crisper realistic proportion to fit with your other historical scale stuff and not a single sprue with minis that all look like 80’s cartoon depictions Austrian weight lifters which is what will happen if they are on the same sprue).      

    Now neither would really work for earlier or later eras historical or alternative historical settings other than the Napoleonic era  (other world fantasy yes, VSF no) simply because of the fashion changes in Europe drastically shifting every two to three decades at least for men.

    For women's fashion it changes every decade from 1700s till  today practically, with far more drastic changes than men’s fashion making female models of the Napoleonic era about as useful for the AWI or Sepoy rebellion as Napoleonic redcoats would be (the camp followers would be in the same boat in case you were going to argue about it). 

     That all said I would say need wise it’s on the same level as the Sh*** Riflemen set at least if not a little higher, but what are you guy's thought on it.

    Also if done what sorts of parts/weapons do you guys want and should it be divided up into 4 separate sets/sprues so Eastern and Western European costumes for both men and women are represented? (we would get more parts to play with that)


  • I think it should not be necessarily difficult to do a sprue with female bodies in whatever period, whatever location and put in a mix of heads, tools, posed arms and weapons. 

    Something like what Fireforge did with their Folk Rabble would be an example. Or what North Star have done with their female Wizard set.

    If selling 20-30 bodies seems too many bodies put less bodies and more accessories on the sprue. Terrain scatter for example. 

    I do not think all the models need to be some sort of armed civilian. Sometimes you may want civilian figures as objective markers, some times as background pieces, and some folks want for more narrative driven gaming pieces. 

    For example, something like this...

  • All of the Napoleonic partisans I have been able to locate are Spanish. A set of Napoleonic Russian partisans would be nice.

  • Haitian Revolution uniformed as well as armed civilians... male and female. Trent Miniatures I believe make some sculpts for this in metal but I am unaware of any plastic sets covering this. The kit could kitbash for other, less specific uses.

  • @Grumpy Gnome@Sam Schardt 

    It is not so much about  difficulty as it is about what will or will not sell to cover the molding and design costs, but I agree that Eastern and Western Europe could both have separate partisan sets for males and females.

    Also I am not thinking Spain, Italy, Germany or Poland particularly, I was thinking more generic ‘farmers/townsfolk fending off renegades” options that could cover for a decent array of options depending on how they are built and painted up for those 2 regions respectively.

    As someone who owns them, I think the Fireforge folk rabble is more of a learn from set then the mold one must follow since it’s the only peasant kit on the 28mm market right now. While it isn't a bad set, my main complaint with it as a model builder is that the women all look a little "manish" (not one or two, all of them) and I know they did that to make the arms always look normal when used on all minis, but given we are dealing with historical scale proportions I would like to avoid that.

    While I can see having a few things in poses to make friendly villager NPCs (maybe a broom or bucket for the female set, a shovel and something else for the male set), I don't think they need as many as fireforge added per set, particularly if done as 4 separate sprues/sets as the option can spread the op,1 to 2  such options per set/sprue.   Plus some tools (hand scythes, pitch forks, hammers, torches, etc.) that could be used both offensively and for daily use I can see being adding real easy.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I think the female facial sculpting is what lets down the feminine aspect of the Folk Rabble sprue. There is a “middle of the road” androgynous aesthetic in my opinion. They are not particularly characterful, unlike say the Frostgrave female Wizard sprue from North Star. I have not yet really dug into my Folk Rabble to build them yet so I am not sure how well I can kitbash those two sets together yet.

    But yeah, you are not going to be making any slight teens or tiny old ladies with the Fireforge Folk Rabble female bodies.

  • One might suggest that changes in fashion would primarily affect the upper class and models depiciting the peasantry would cover much longer periods 😃. Not sure what would sell well for you. Can the waters be tested with something like Eureka's 100 Club where production goes ahead only if there are enough preorders? 


    I'd be open to just about any of the above suggestions. Maybe with a few kids in tow as well?

  • @Murray Fish 

    Good suggestion.

    I am unaware of any multi-part plastic kit with kids... and child fashion stretches even broader with era and location. 

    Mrs. GG and I backed a Midlam Miniatures Kickstarter for kids in metal and it was a successful KS, so I think there is a market fo that. 

  • @Murray Fish

    Tragically they do not, it’s across the whole economic board at least after the mid 1700’s, same as military uniforms, and that might have more to do with us not having as clearer picture of what commoner fashions looked like in the decades before then given the industrialization that was going on.

    @Grumpy Gnome

    Yeah that really seems like metal project though cause that is something RPG players who like using minis look for and that market tends to prefer solid pose individual sculpts (it not 100% thing but not all RPG players like model building), most people are not looking for a box of them or even sprue. The only time I have seen kids done in multipart plastic was for the survivor sets done by WGF which is probably the right way to do them in plastic.

  • I have been working for years to help folks see across hobby borders. RPG player, tabletop wargamer, scale modeler, diorama builder, fantasy vs historical, terrain or no terrain, pre-painted versus paint your own. 

    New products for new markets.


    Edit: It is interesting to see how much Warlord Games is charging for reproduced Wargames Factory survivors/zombies/bikers/spec ops.

  • So, that Driver's seat poll stated that Napoleonic camp followers are coming, but as they did not win the vote wont be pushed up ahead in production. So just reading through the comments in this thread, and @JTam 's comments in the Silver Bayonet thread... are these going to be useful for that?

    I will buy a box of these no matter what, but I plan on using them for fantasy and anything can be fantasy with the right squint of eye.

    And more female heads and Torsos are always a good thing.

  • @William Redford depending on what is included in it, Camp Followers could cover a few thing. From Campions of Faith, to Doctors, Occultists, Supernatural Investigators, and especially the Vivandierie. Some parts may also be used to make Irregulars, Tacticians, and Veteran Hunters. The human form of the Werebear could probably be made from a eastern kit, tho Siberia is pretty far East.

  • @William Ings So, do you think Camp followers will be a mixed (male and female_ kit or just female? And as camp followers do you forsee weapons of any kind being included?

  • @William Redford I only have a vague idea what will be in the box, I've seen a lady with booze and also a camp fire.

    I don't think a priests or a gentleman would be to far out there, one or two male legs with a few extra torso options would provide a good few options.

    I think a few arms would be a good idea to increase sales, even if just a few pistols. But most gamers probably have a bits box crammed with muskets, rifles, and pistols if they need to arm them.

  • @William Redford @William Ings  if we are talking more realistic hist scale proportion miniature set which I assume we are😅, given what we have seen it better just be females on that sprue and yes if they are aiming at being useful for Silver Bayonet beyond solid pose NPC/secnery minis WA should give the Campfollowers their own weapon arms with that game in mind including at least one musket because of the proportional diffrences between men and women on average not to mention historical costume diffrences between what men and women wore and no you can't hand wave it like with heroic scale stuff🙄.

    Okay rant done.

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