Nam' Jungle Fighters

  • So, basically elite jungle fighter space soldiers, with a dash of catachan and a sprinkle of ridley scotts space marines from aliens.

    Anyone else like this idea?

  • If the sprue would be as varied as some of the others, it could cover everything from the Ridley Scott Marines, Starship Troopers Mobile infantery and also better proportioned Regiments from the grimdark regiments. 

    I think the Jungle fighter theme was supposed to be covered at least partially by the "Cannon Fodder", but I must say the zippers ruin this for me. The jumpsuits are really great for Worker Gangs, Penal Legion (also  space suits, as shown on the box) but not so much for military Uniforms.

  • I think we can lump these sorts of concepts together as "cyberpunk" military figures - more or less modern military uniforms, with futuristic assault rifles from "20 minutes into the future", for figures that would work for the likes of "Aliens" and "Starship Troopers".  It would also fit an idea I've been bouncing around in the "Cold Warrior" discussion for a sort of "G.I. Joe vs. COBRA" conflict, and no doubt a lot of similar near-future military sci-fi concepts (I seem to remember similar styles of troops appearing in more overtly dystopian "cyberpunk" style movies too, like "Escape from New York" and the like:  they'd make great villains for a dystopian rebel uprising type of scenario!)

    And for the purpose of this sort of cyberpunk platoon, some kit-bashing between the Cannon Fodder and some historical "modern" figure bodies - anywhere from Vietnam era to modern era, or alternatively maybe even WWII or even WWI US figures - would get you in that ballpark.

    Really, I think the "Cannon Fodder" kits would mostly work as-is - the only major thing missing from the "Cannon Fodder" being, perhaps, the futuristic combat armor of the sort you might find on some historical modern US or other military figures; the helmets (and caps), and the futuristic rifles, pretty much fit the bill perfectly, and the torsos at least would fit for vehicle crew and the like, at least.  And the benefit of the Cannon Fodder is the upcoming complementary set of women troops, which seem to fit the template as well.

    So, I'd say go for the "Cannon Fodder" - and the "Death Fields Accessory Sprue #1" (which has some carbines(?) in a very similar style to the Cannon Fodder's rifles, for some variety) and perhaps some othe Death Fields kits, like the "Grognard Command and Heavy Weapons" kit, Raumjager kit, and/or upcoming "Space Brits" set (which between them have some great heavy weapons) - for a starting place.

    But, some US/NATO and Soviet/Russian solders from the Cold War era to present would really hit the target perfectly, I think, if kitbashed with the Canon Fodder into cyberpunk style "Colonial Marines", and Cold War and modernfigures would be a welcome addition to WA's catalogue!

  • @Yronimos Whateley those are great ideas, but all those are over dressed, I was really leaning into the idea of catachan alternatives. The ripped shirts/no shirt comando-Rambo look heh👍😊

  • I'm not familiar with catachan, but the description almost has me thinking of the over-the-top, macho mercenary guys from the first "Predator" movie, which, come to think of it, might be a fun, pulpy sci-fi project in its own right! 

  • @Yronimos Whateley That's precisely what he's talking about. 

    @Jonovious Looking at the rest of the DF range, it seems like WGA are going for designs that are not obviously a "totally-not-copy-of-a-GW-product-but-actually-yes", so while I'm sure they'll produce something along those lines, since the DF line does seem to be mostly analogues to IG regiments, I think you ought to temper expectations in terms of how close they might be, and in precisely what style. They're almost certain to be based on some real life historical army rather than aping the same source material that inspired GW's designs. 

    Given how generic actual soldiers tend to look in a jungle setting (seriously it's mostly just fatigues and helmets still) I could see them drawing on the visual identities of insurgent groups from places like Latin America and Africa for the sake of making them look distinct from the Cannon Fodder models. 

  • No, I LOVE this idea.

  • @Yronimos Whateley yes, exactly! Perfect!

  • honestly i'd hope that if WGA does "space jungle fighters" they'd draw more on the Colonial Marines from Aliens than on the Games Workshop Catachans. even if they end up being used as the latter, being less "shirtless rambo/schwarzenegger" and more "Scifi vietnam marines" will i think make them sell more. especially as the Colonial marines style is quite popular with scifi gamers

  • I think if these do happen, you'll see far more in the way of the catachan heavy weapon teams and command sprue than you will the basic infantry squad. They have much more realistic proportions and still manage to look bench without looking like 1990s WWE wrestlers. 

    Personally, I'd like to see something akin to the group from predator. So different hats, rambo bandanas, weapons very much like AKs with a hipslung HMG (maybe even a cowboy hat and a mini gun). Machetes and backpacks are an absolute must as well. 

    If there is armour, I would think the aliens style is generally OK as a way to go, maybe stripped back a little. I don't know going full cadian/mobile infantry is the way to go, as you risk compromising on both styles and pleasing no one. 

  • Even and accessory sprue with big, muscular, bare arms, random "operator" weapons, and random-bandana-and-boonie-hat-and-shades-heads that fit on Colonial Marine style bodies would, I think, "sell" the figures into this genre.

    Conversely, a full kit built around armor-and-combat-boot torsos, with those sorts of jungle-patrol heads and bare, muscular arms with chain-guns and other over-the-top weaponry could easily be kit-bashed against Cannon Fodder heads and arms for a more restrained Colonial Marines army.

    Tough call on which approach might work better, but either, I think, is do-able, and would probably sell well, given the market for either/or/both.


    Either way, I do believe Wargames Atlantic has teased a Colonial Marines style set, and if that goes into production, it'll be interesting to see whether it covers this jungle-patrol kind of aesthetic at all.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if GW's going to be doing a new Catachan range (well, new base infantry box - the heavy weapons teams and command squad are fine) to coincide with the next Guard codex - all those character models they've done for promotional stuff suggests there's been some people putting thought into that. I figure it mgiht be better if WGA do Jungle Fighters of their own they should go for another  source of inspiration. Maybe space Vietcong/Vietminh/NVA? Could have a grudge match or two  with Les Grognards...

  • I love the Idea of jungle fighter inspired by the 20th century vietnamese armies. But I also like the rambo variety. Speaking for myself ofc but GW doing new sets would not change anything visavis me buying from WA. First I dont buy from GW on principle but in general if a model line looks good I buy it, nevermind if a different company makes similar models. If both are good I buy both, but maybe thats because I am currently only painting an modelling, somebody building warbands for a ruleset might have a very different opinion

  • @Yronimos Whateley a kit of arms heads and wespons would be good too 

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