Interwar/WW1 aftermath

  • Russians for WW1 could also work for the RCW (add in a few headswaps and... ignore the shoulder boards?)

    But what about Ottomans for WW1 / Back of Beyond, as well as Chinese infantry for the Warlod Era? I think they'd be of interest to a few people, and again with some headswaps you can get in some versatility. 

  • Well, WGA are experts at thing that are only of intrest to a few people.

  • @Estoc

    I wouldn't say that, a lot of the things they have done are stuff people have kept asking for from other companies: lots of people wanted WW1 stuff back during the Centennial and the interest is still there and I have heard several requests for Italians since I entered the hobby on various company forums.

    And this isn't the first time I have heard requests for Chinese infantry for the 20th century Warlod Era, not surprising since it is one of the classic pulp adventure setting.

  • This is something that I would love!

    Two of the groups that I want to incorporate in my "Army of losers"( ) is the Kronstadt sailors and the Makhnovists. So I would love russian/soviet naval infantry and some kind of cossacks that aren't in a very strict uniform.

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