A request to Wargames Atlantic .

  • Found these on your sneaks, ppplease, tell us they are in 1/56th scale, not heroic, they look so good, they would fit in from now, to any future and so many game systems not to mention, Iron Core. I could finally get my U.S Army for Shadow Run, they would match Ral Parthas old range perfect. Here`s a small list "Terminator style", Falling Skies, Spectral, Dino Time tavel, and anything you can imagine. 

  • Agreed. These guys are more or less exactly the sort of thing you see a lot of in '80s "cyberpunk" style dystopian military sci-fi scenarios: 

    • Aliens
    • Starship Troopers
    • Doom / Quake
    • the Mad Max films (in the form of renegade police)
    • '70s Dystopian sci-fi like Soylent Green, Deathrace 2000, Rollerball
    • Space: Above and Beyond
    • Escape from New York
    • Predator


    You've got generic Terran Colonial Marines and "bug-hunters", Corporate Security Forces, cyberpunk Mercenary squads, near-future city police, and (with some weapon and helmet variation) near-future or ultra-modern military forces from any nation in the world.  I take it Grimdark gamers have some factions that fit this description, too.... 

    I have a feeling this would be a popular set, and - especially since we've got a few sneak-peek renders - I'd be surprised if it isn't one of the SECRETS mentioned on the Production Schedule.

    I'd definitely be scooping a few boxes of these up if/when we see them in production!

  • @Geoff Maybury it could be part of iron core line, but that really looks more like death fields type stuff to me.

  • My understanding is that those pictures are concept art and maybe sculpts from a different company or the person who posted it. It would still be a nice kit to see wga make.

  • @Estoc Don`t think so my friend they were W.A.s  offical sneek peeps only questiion is scale and thats looking more like 1/56th.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Oh boy we could be on to a real winner here at last Si/Fi with style, and as usual what a list, and your so right, Universal Soldier,Terra Nova, my favorite, since every locker in our bungalo  as dinos in them. Annialation the list goes on, wonder what Grumpy thinks. Cheers mate.  

  • I have to respectfully disagree. I`d love them to be in Heroic scale, as another Death field faction.

    The pics look good in any case, and to have them as set, regardless of scale, seems promising

  • I would expect it's Wargames Atlantic's "heroic" style, which seems to me to be rather restrained in the case of the Cannon Fodder characters compared to what you might get from, say, Games Workshop or Northstar:  the Cannon Fodder are surely as "heroic" in proportion as the other Death Fields and fantasy figures, but it's tough for me to tell at a glance - I haven't compared them side-by-side with the more naturally-proportioned historic figures like the Afghans or Partisans yet, but I'm betting that the Cannon Fodder will be "Heroic" by comparison, while still handling weapons swaps with those historic figures with relative ease.

    Which, all things considered, I think I'm happy with a more restrained take on heroic which fit in well with both sci-fi/fantasy and historical subjects, without being quite as far out and crazy as some Heroic scupts can get.  (And anyway, even the scale model figures will have a little exaggeration to them!)


    As you can see, the most obvious "heroic" proportions in the Cannon Fodder would be the weaponry, and maybe the ankles and wrists.

    If WA sticks with the Cannon Fodder proportions, I think it'll work out close enough to work alongside both 28mm "heroic" and scale figures.


  • I suppose, one win would be do them both ways, but if they`re heroic I probabally won`t buy them, as I really want that extra realism.

  • @Geoff Maybury ah. was this on the social media or did I miss the blog post? I thought you were implying that the post made by one "John Wilson" was offical.

  • My thoughts echo those of@Yronimos Whateley

  • @Yronimos Whateley I have no hands on expirience with historicals, but I agree that the scale of WA Heroics is fine as is, not as over the top as a certain competitor.

    Personally I like the heroic scale more because slightly oversized weapons/hands/heads lets makes the minis "pop" more standing at a table but that is ofc a matter of personal preference

  • @D34dly K @Grumpy Gnome The original figures of Wargames Foundry and Defiance make up my modern and Si/Fi, broke my heart when Warlord got hold of them WF`s as up went the price down came the quantity. What a rip off, they matched so well. and converstions were limit less even drivers for 1/64th cars.  

  • I hear you Geoff, that lack of consistency is frustrating. Particularly when things go out of production.  I have been watching some original Wargames Factory WW2 US Infantry on EBay but I am not sure what other kits they will match scale wise so I have not bid on them. They certainly look smaller than Warlord Games older and newer WW2 US Infantry. Maybe Perry sized based on looking at their M1 Garands?

  • @Grumpy Gnome Got them my friend. they match well with Perry, great with  Rubicon, and when used with the civilians now got by Warlord, the very best WW2 conservation groups can be made, few Rubicon machines, tents and spares. You end up with pure pleasure on your board.  

  • In my experience, Games Workshop's "heroic" proportions have been some of the more outlandish, followed by Reaper's, particularly in some of the older, hand-sculpted models. 

    Proportions seem to have become a little more naturalistic with the age of digital sculpting, for whatever reason. 

    More modern fantasy and sci-fi minis still tend to get bulked up a little, especially around weapons, ankles, and wrists, just to make them a little sturdier for rough tabletop use (those thin areas tend to get flimsy or fragile!), and better-defined - as @D34dly K says, those exagerrated heroic features are easier to sculpt, paint, and see in this scale on the tabletop.  (Compare to the sort of HO and 1/72 scale soldiers that "28mm" gaming miniatures descended from, where realistic faces, hands, and weapons are all but invisible on the tabletop, and not very interesting to paint or look at!) 

    As in all thing gaming-related, though, it's a Your-Mileage-May-Vary proposition.  I have and would use realistic scale model stuff alongside the most cartoonish of Games Workshop HeroQuest, Warhammer, and 40K stuff without too much worry, since 28mm and 28mm heroic scaling is so inconsistent anyway, these models are more like elaborate pawns than they are scale models. 

    If you wanna see something REALLY scary, check out the proportions on these '80s era HeroQuest minis:

    Not that I think that's a bad thing:  I'm actually rather fond of these miniatures (I didn't paint the ones in the picture, but do I own an unpainted HeroQuest board game - my compliments to whoever did paint them, anyway!)  This is an artistic license of style choice, sort of like the proportions on characters in anime and other cartoons, or Barbie dolls, or those strange "chibi" ministures used in some games, and so on.  But come on:  if you were to see anyone with such proportions in real life, it would certainly be a nightmare from the uncanny valley!  :)

    Wargames Atlantic's version of "heroic" proportions has nothing on these guys, so from that perspective, they almost look normally proportioned to me, and I really have to compare to reference photos to see the deviations from natural proportions.  (The GW oddities of proportion I can see immediate!)


  • @Yronimos Whateley  It`s hard to put into content  the fad of figures, I love cannon fodder, but won`t buy them for the zips and guns. Taking as a starting point, Rale Partha with Shadowrun, and Jullie Guthrie, the talented, Bobby Brown. those are my metals, along with those of Crooked Dice and Studio Minatures. For Plastics, I use Defiance Games,  Perry, and Wargames Foundry,  Rubicon, and to come Wargames Atlantic. I love differant sizes in people, its equipment, Helments, guns, boxes, when they don`t match but also in a photo look silly. Hummans and animals are all sizes, equipment is standard.  I just don`t  want to keep changeing a tool box because "Mantic used 1/48" I want the quality of Crooked Dice. Cheers all, and Grumpy my mate. 

  • Those look like the UAMC line from the now defunct Defiance Games. Which, if it's a rehash, I got no problems. I really liked the aesthetic of those guys. And if this is a rehash of that company, they really need to make the Hardsuits a freaking thing. And maybe look up the people who bought in on the kickstarter back in the day, and get them their due.

  • @Battle Specter They`re totally new all Wargames Atlantic , better posed than defiance, and more variation in  sclupts. Iv`e most of the Defiance range, before the disaster that hurt so many peoples pockets, and Killed the company. "LOST TOUCH",with a lot of good friends over the pond, with the forum collapse. A lot of real miitary were members, and it was a good place to hang out. Many designers were not paid for work, and several excellent projects, the "Scout Car", and Hardsuits, plus others, went in the bin. A really bad time for all. Thank god those days are now gone, and we can look to the future with more confidence that company bosses won`t go walk about. Cheers my friend, you should really enjoy them when they arrive, I know I will for sure. If you want to see a Defiance Marine, check my post "Wellcome to the jungle" in the painting section/     

  • @Geoff Maybury i wrote "Battle for New Detroit." Was really big on them. Got a box of Germans,  three of four boxes of UAMC, a box of the bugs. I was all in. Invested enough in the hardsuits for a full 50 figures.  I'm one of those military guys who was on the forum. Nice to see another Defiance vet. I've moved past the hurt on that. Would like to see the hardsuits, but I'll live if I don't. In all honesty, the mediocre success I've had over the last ten years or so is due in large part to their collapse. Forced me to pursue a degree that actually mattered, and now I'm looking to beef those skills up some more. Hope all is well. Looking forward to having fun here. 😀

  • @Battle Specter Hi Mike, I was Airborne on the forum my wife Eileen was Gingernut, we are now retiered traders of wargaming. I had been in a Military Vehicle Conservation Group, for many years, picking up the Airborne nickname from my 101st Screaming Eagles markings on my jeep. I used to type way into the night, talking Si/Fi, Terrorists, and music. It was fun, we lost all our trade orders for the Jeeps, Egg Hardsuits, (designed by a chap very close to us). Plus al of our intended restocks. Sadlly I really miss that Scout Jeep. it was so bloody good, and real looking for a Si/Fi, glad thing are good with you. heres to meeting again/ Cheers Airborne and Gingernut.

  • @Geoff Maybury that was so long ago,, I can't even remember. I guess we can light this one up (and hopefully see good things come of it). Sorry you guys got hit so hard from the fallout. I sometimes forget that there were others who bought in. Sounds like you were closer to the action than me. 

  • The US sci-fi light infantry picture above is just all the teaser pics (and other pics posted by Wargames Atlantic in comments on Facebook) from Wargames Atlantic put together, I've been posting the email teasers for a while now, totally unoffically on the Legion Facebook group. The teasers were for a death fields set, no idea if it will ever be made, but I'm hoping its produced some day.


  • Oh God John you have just shattered all our dreams, we thought these were WA, Teaserpics, I got so many small ones. So did you also post the modern weapon teasers with the glove, as its the same glove as on the figure of the moderns, does this mean no moderns .

  • @Battle Specter Yep, but you know what, it was the friendship and the people that i miss, so it`s nice to have one back in our group. Keep in touch, let us know from time  to time, what you working on, and if the jeep or hard suit ever suface, we`ll grabe`m. Cheers Mike have agreat 2022. 

  • @Geoff Maybury They are WA (mainly from their weekly email) official teasers put together.  All the teasers pics I've posted have been of official WA teasers, I'm just not part of WA in anyway, beyond being a fan reposting them to the legion facebook group.

    I believe a Modern set has been confirmed, I'd have to check on the website again to see if there are any details beyond the teaser pics and a confirmation by WA.


    Edit: First modern set, final parts check apparently according to the release schedule.

  • @John Wilson You`ve , now just thrown a curve ball, I thought I`d got em through  "official" posts. like the trolls etc. So we will all have to hope and see. Fingers crossed all. 

  • Yes:  The Release Schedule teases an upcoming (but unspecified) first modern set.

    A few weeks ago, there was a preview render "sneak peek" of just one side (shoulder, arm, hip, and leg) of a modern-looking fighter/soldier in what seemed to be BDU and harness, holding an assault rifle - a Kalashnikov type rifle, if I'm remembering correctly, which might be from that first modern set, but with teasers, all we can do is speculate wildly (which is OK by me, I enjoy wild speculation! :) )  I believe the render I'm thinking of is most likely that first modern set, and almost certainly a completely different project from the one that most (if not all) of the scifi-looking snippets in John's collage seem to be from.

    So, I think that's at least one modern set, and at least one sci-fi "corporate-marine" type set.

    That said, there are also no less than nine secrets, one "first modern set", and one "alternate scale test" mentioned in the Release Schedule, which could all be just about anything, and aren't necessarily the projects being teased in Facebook and the newsletters (though I'd say most, if not all, teased renders are probably referenced on the Release Schedule in one way or another!)  So, it's possible (no matter how unlikely) there are multiple modern and sci-fi sets out there, awaiting official reveals.

    SECRETS!  :)

  • @Yronimos Whateley The US sci-fi light Infantry email teasers have been out for a while (also been confirmed to be death fields), the last teaser was I believe in February 2021 (First was in Oct 2020). the Goblins and Panzer Lehr which were teased with it are now available. The modern sets teasers so far, having had another look were the Famas (VHS-2) type with glove (July 2021), FN FAL (3rd Sept 2021) and the UZI and AK (10th Sept 2021) with right and left arms, no torso.

  • @John Wilson those guns will likely be in "1/56" along with something taticy cool.


  • @Brian Van De Walker  Yeah, the Modern Set will be in the historical scale rather than death field 'heroic'.

  • @John Wilson I forgot about a couple of those modern teasers!  That's pretty diverse:  Uzis, AKs, FN FALs, FAMAS....  One military that has used three out of fourof those is Israeli Defense Force, the FAMAS (and AK) has been used by Israel's neighbors.  Interesting....

    It's worth noting, with that in mind, that the winning survey options last year included these suggestions, which more or less dovetail with the modern and sci-fi teasers we're talking about here:

    • Cyberpunk Corporate Security
    • Apocalytic Survivors
    • Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
    • Modrn Military Generic Infantry


    (I think "Cyberpunk Corporate Security" would overlap the Colonial Marine-type figures we're looking at; the other three could conceivably be coveed by as few as two or even one modern sets....)


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