What's up with the Italian release?

  • I checked the release schedule for the Italian infantry and it noted estimated time in stock of late December and I asked in the Facebook group about any news on the status beyond a simple date, noting that I'd already looked on the release schedule page, but one reply essentially blew me off stating just to check there. I'm just trying to get an idea as to what the situation is on these, as they were supposed to launch in October, but keep getting pushed back. 


    I was excited to see these come out, but am left wondering when they may actually get shipped out. Just looking to know what is going on. 



  • Wish I could help you out, after waiting on the WW1 French I know how you feel.

  • @Daniel Sauerwein since I checked last night they have updated the release schedule. It appears they're currently being printed, so that is progress.

  • The Release Schedule is a great tool for looking at the progress of things in the pipeline, but I think we should take it as an estimate only, with thinks in production being on the drawing board until we get an official announcement for pre-orders, with links and "preorder" buttons in the online shop.

    For example, the Boxer Chinese have been in limbo for months - I get the impression they were believed to be nearly ready but went back to the drawing board for some last-minute changes that took longer than expected, while other projects moved to the head of the queue!

    I THINK a status on the Italians was given in the most recent newsletter, but I can't find the newsletter in my inbox now, I must have cleared it out, and I don't remember what it said now.  (If you haven't already signed up for the newsletter, you'll want to do so - there's lots of great info in the newsletters about upcoming releases, news from WA, and previews of un-announced work in progress!)

    Sorry I can't give you anything more concrete.  Maybe someone else knows what the latest newsletters said and can help shine some light on the status?

  • Sorry just saw this! We're going to update things this week - we're just a bit behind on things because we realized it was going to be a nightmare trying to get this release out of China with the way freight was going so we made it the first project (along with Panzer Lehr and the Death Fields Weapon Upgrade Sprue 001) to be done in our new US plastic facility. It took a little longer to get the injection presses set up and then we ran into an issue with the owner/main contact at the box printing company being out with covid. 

    All the plastic is run now and we're just waiting on the boxes from the printer then they'll all be out. The good news is that Conquistador and Aztec boxes are part of the run too so they will be fast behind. 

  • Fantastic! 

    I think I rememeber the newsletter mentioning the box printing being an issue now that you've jogged my memory.

    It's perfectly understandable:  sounds like you're doing something that hasn't been done in the USA in a long time, at a time when the supply chain can be unpredictable, so some delays aren't surprising, but it sounds like these are the sorts of delays that can be managed more easily in the 'States than in China!  (If I had a dollar for every time I've seen Kickstarters etc. delayed indefinitely due to language/culture barriers, followed by things grinding to a halt for the Chinese New Year, followed by shipping and customs woes....)

  • Glad to hear that you are working this out. I am very eager to buy your Italian WW2 boxes as I need Breda machine gun crews to replace the 28mm Warlord Games 'Bolt Action' crews that I wasted money buying (these are so tiny -- they look like 20mm scale). I'm sure the rest of the box will also be superior to their offerings as well. 

  • I've bought a few sprues of Bolt Action weapons for various projects and those are excellent, but hadn't seen the figures themselves until this week, and now that i've seen Bolt Action miniatures, I think I really prefer Wargames Atlantic's.  Wargames Atlantic's Italians look fantastic, as do their Panzer Lehr and other WWII stuff, and I can't wait to see the upcoming 0200 sets and other WWII projects on WA's schedule!  :)

  • @Yronimos Whateley Warlord Games are great at marketing, but quality of miniatures is variable. Some are fine, others are awful. 

  • Nice video review of the WGA Italian Infantry to hold you over:


    He's wrong about the helmets though, they ARE the completely wrong shape.

  • @Hudson Adams thank you for your informative reply. This is what I was looking for. As others said, I understand delays, but was just concerned as things got pushed back, but didn't see something along these lines to explain the situation. If I missed it, my bad. Thanks again. 

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