WGA Ranges in other Scales

  • There was a discussion (with a poll) some time ago on FB about ranges by Wargames Atlantic done in different Scales. Let's use this Thread to talk about this topic.

    A Range of WW2 and Cold War themed miniatures in 10mm (or 15mm) would be nice in my oppinion.

    What would you like to see, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm?

  • Tbh its not as easy to rescale your product lines. i also think theere there are alot of companies doing 15mm already. 10mm and 6mm are super niche and dont need much in the way of detail products.

  • 10mm WW2 Miniatures in plastic do not exist but knowing parts of the 10mm Cummunity, many would like to see platic tanks.

    As example:

    Panzer IV Ausf. F2 to J Set (5 Tanks per Sprue):

    5x Panzer IV Lower Hull

    5x Panzer IV Upper Hull

    5x Panzer IV Turrets

    5x Panzer IV Turrets with Skirts

    5x Panzer IV Hull Side Skirts

    (another Set could include the Variants D to F1)

    M4A1 Sherman Set (5 Tanks per Sprue):

    5x M4A1 lower Hull

    5x M4A1 upper Hull

    5x M4A1 upper Hull (with Sand Guards)

    5x M4A1(76)W upper Hull

    5x M4A1 Early (3-part) Transmission

    5x M4A1 Late (1-piece) Transmisson

    5x M4A1 75mm Turret

    5x M4A1(76)W 76mm Turret

  • @Steffen Seitter Okay? but WGA doesnt make tanks. so thats not "rescale your product lines." thats "make new products for my really niche scale". Im sorry but mirco scales are already pretty well taken care of by there metal and resin options. you  cant really push alot more detail out of those scales 

  • The release schedule lists "Alternate Scale Test"...


    Hm... let's speculate what this could be...

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