Flash Poll: Vote for a New Period!

Which of these historical periods should we tackle sooner rather than later? Let us know your thoughts below!

  • Because I'm bored, distracting myself from actual work, and was curious about something. Have at it! 

  • For 28mm, I'd say Vietnam. But I would LOVE to see American Civil War in a smaller scale in plastic.

  • Vietnam, absolutely!)))

  • Yeah, I'm thinking Vietnam would be a great range that ends up being real useful for a lot of kit bashing + some moderns + some alternative reality stuff.. we already have lizardmen with AKs and Death Fields stuff wouldn't be too far removed (or could use death field's weapons on vietnam era models).  

  • Seems like best reasons for a Flash Poll!!!!

  • Anything blackpowder is good, the earlier the better.

  • Early hundred years war so I can fillally make the Berserk inspired "band of the hawk" :)


  • I voted for the American Civil War.

    That being said Vietnam seems to be the new hotness in historical gaming.  I just find the Vietnam War too close and fresh to "game."

  • Always nice to see new ranges :-)

    There are already good plastic ranges for ECW from Warlord Games, though there are one or two gaps (English clubmen and Highlanders for example). Vietnam plastics are on the way from Rubicon. 

    That said I could see WA Army Builder boxes being very useful for Vietcong, and also for ECW pikemen, musketmen etc. 


  • American Civil War does seem an odd one, given how many other companies already cover the war extensively. I would have pitched the Mexican-American War or Texas Revolution as an alternative.

    That said, I did vote for the Seven Years War.

  • Anything that will get me Highlanders to run in Kings of War! 

  • I say Vietnam for the above mentioned kitbashing reason. The war itself is really not my thing, but I can really see a use for both parts and minis in other times and places...

  • Vietnam War, please & thank you!

  • I'd like to see Vietnam War, we don't see much of it in 28mm ranges.

  • As a retailer in europe, from a business point of view i would say vietnam. Also because rubicon is coming with a range a plastic vehicles. 

    from a personal view i would opt for vietnam and early romans, i just love saga and victrix making superb models they need a little compentition 

  • Not sure about Vietnam as there are a few new rules sets and models coming out in the next year or so. I f you were to do Vietnam I would suggest one of the allied nations or ARVN rather than American and NVA/VC

  • voted War of the Spanish Succession, quite a busy period but no decent plastic figures at present - the ones that Warlord have are just reboxed figures from the old Wargames Factory range, and although the infantry are passable the cavalry are unimpressive. Might have considered ECW/TYW but only if it had included the Eastern side of things - Tartars, Ottoman Turks etc. Ottoman Turks also fit in other eras too, from 1500-1800+

  • I voted 7 years’ war, it would be real interesting if did that and looked at foreign theaters like East India and America first. Vietnam is already being done by Rubicon with infantry and vehicles,  so it’s not that big of a gap anymore, plus I think it would be better to start with something from the 80’s like the Afghan Soviet war for Cold War subjects.

  • @Gary Hughs  Frankly as soon as they taked on ECW on to 30yw I was like "no, already have enough British guys in the house needing thier Danish/Spanish conversion helms!"🤣

  • @Hudson Adams Rubicon are releasing their Vietnam range this year, would be great to have a selection of figures from are mix of manufacturers to choose from.

    Black Sun style weird Vietnam games would be fantastic.


  • Vietnam has been long overlook for wargaming at 28mm plastic range.  There is so much variety/levels that can be played  for this significant event.

  • Does anyone make plastic 28mm Zouves?

  • @Corwen Broch I would call the Warlord range complete but not good.

  • What about mid-century European wars?  There are the Italian Wars of Independence (esp. 1859), Austro-Prussian(1866) and Franco-Prussian (187l) Wars?

  • I joined just to take part in this poll. I said 'successors' but was tempted by 'earlier roman' stuff.


    In all honesty though, I'd love to see either some Sea Peoples like the sherden to compliment your Egyptians. Sherden could do double duty as enemies and allies for thr Egyptians, but getting Sherden and Pelest/Lukka sets would be amazing)

    But if I'm honest I would lose some kind of plastic set that gave some female bodies to work with, both in thier own context and to make conversions with.  Something like the women warriors from wargames foundry darkest africa range, or the legedary women warriors of the Toltec Queen Xochitl. (Both of which could pull double duty for forstgrave's Ghost Archipelago).

    There isnt a kit remotely like them out on the market.

  • I voted Seven Years War but like @Brian Van De Walker I think India and America (French and Indian War) would be the best place to start. @JTam Perry makes good plastic Zouaves.  I have a couple of sprues that I intend to kitbash convert into something else, perhaps “fantasy” Barbary Corsairs, Greek mercenaries or Ottomans.

    I did not vote Vietnam but I think it would be a good seller. Especially if it was not just specifically Vietnam but rather more widespread 60’s militaries... including African Bush Wars and South American revolutions.


    @h m makes a good point about tribal women being useful for various kitbashing projects.

  • @Tim Seasholtz well it is showing its age, but I wouldn't say its bad. 

  • @JTam Perry does plastic ACW Zouaves.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I thinkt he European theater would benefit from some army builder boxes in the vein of the Prussian Reserves box WA did. 

  • Only one thing to say really "GGGGOOD MORNING VIETNAM" This sure needs the Wargame Atlantic style, and finish.

  • @Tom Vananderoye I can see some folks liking army Builder boxes for Seven Years War European armies. Not for me mind you but I can see where there might be some demand. I just prefer French and Indian War, as I am originally from Upstate New York.

  • Voted for Successor i.e. Hellenistic period.

    Overlooked because everything in the part of the Ancient period seems to fall under Roman or Rome vs Carthage shadow but there is very large range of possible models to choose from.

    Some were covered by Victrix or Warlord, but still many mercenary (Crete, Rhodes, Jewish mercs etc), regional units or entire factions such as Armenia or the Illyrians can be selected.

    Finally this choice can allow some interesting exchangeability with parts from sets which are already made or coming (I hope) this year.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    The French and Indian War is a fascinating subject.  Damn those were hard men.

    I might also want to game LTC George Washington, Daniel Day Lewis, and Robert Rogers VS French Vampires and Native Werewolves ;) 

  • I went with "Vietnam War", but I'd rather see that expanded as a broader "Cold War" line that (depending on interest) could ultimately include Korean War Koreans and Americans, Afghanistans and Soviets, generic NATO and Warsaw Pact, Cubans, Panamanians, Israelis, Egyptians, Syrians, and so on.

    If given a choice while other companies are producing Vietnam-era Americans and Vietnamese, I'd rather see some Wargames Atlantic produce some Korean War era Americans and Koreans, and some of the other countries involved in the greater Indochina Wars that included the Vietnam conflict (France, Laos, Cambodia, etc.)

  • @Yronimos Whateley "Anzaks", would be great as Rubicon do a grand Mk5 Centurian and have some M113`s on the way.

  • @Yronimos Whateley @Geoff Maybury 

    The mix of "Commonwealth" and American webbing the Australians ran in Vietnam is interesting.  

  • I voted for English Civil War, mostly because there's only the few Warlord's plastic sets in 28mm, virtually everything else for that period is in metal, I really want artilliary in plastic for that era as well, again, it's all in metal to my knowledge (or resin).

  • All of these are excellent options.

    For me, these stand out as something that WGA could really do something awesome with, completely not biased by what I'm looking into right now ;)

    • English Civil War/30 Years War
    • Seven Years War
    • Vietnam War

    ECW/TYW could really benefit from some plastic attention, I imagine an army builder style kit of standing pikemen would go down a treat 4-6 with plastic pikes on a half sprue Prussian Reserve style, maybe event separate armored unarmored box sets and an eventual expansion into standing/marching musketeers, with those 2-3 sets and a few head options on the spure almost all that period could be covered for nearly every faction.

    SYW, similar, i think some fresh plastic kits for this period especially in the army builder style would really be a hit, easy to cover multiple sides as they mostly looked very similar.

    Finally, vietnam, I a sneaky feeling its going to be the hit period of the year, clearly a lot of companies are jumping on it already but I'd love the idea of WGA doing something completly different for it, maybe Commonwealth troops?

    As for everything else, for me the perrys have the 100 years war nailed, with what I consider the finest set of plastic figures for a period going, excellent sculpts and a fully interchange range for kitbashing. Would love to see WGA apply that model to another period though!

    Similar the perrys do a decent ACW range, warlord less so, though i think something different from WGA for it would be cool.

  • @JTam Perry Miniatures make a great set.

  • Voted successors as the existing ranges do not allow for pikes in action.

    A single set could complement these nicely. That said... Renaissance needs pikes, too.

  • I tried to vote and it told me I can only vote once...


  • I like where you're coming from, @James Cutts - now that you mention it, the pikes thing seems to be well-suited to army-builder sets, as it seems to me it's not likely you'll need a big variety of poses and weapons variations.  Maybe some variations in helmets might be needed, and certainly the pikes would need to be separate from the bodies for manufacturing and packaging reasons (as opposed to the Prussian set, where both arms seem to be sculpted on the body), so I would imagine the army builder set would contain fewer figures just by the nature of the thing (polearms and spears seem to take up a lot of sprue real-estate!), but it seems do-able as an army builder to me, and more practical that way.

    I'm leaning toward a "Cold War" line as something I could make the most use of, but to tell the truth, there's a lot of fun subjects covered by that poll, and it's not an easy choice.

    I kind of thought of the Hundred Years War as being early Renaissance, and would have been just as cool seeing that as part of that existing line, but either way, seems like a fascinating period, and something I'd be more inclined to turn to for Classic Fantasy human figures in general, along with Conquistadors.

    The American Civil War would be something I'd be just as happy seeing indirectly covered as part of the exiting Imperial Conquest line, as something adjacent to the Wild West and other Victorian settings, but either way, I think the ACW would supply some great figures for geneal-purpose American soldiers for late 19th-century American conflicts besides the ACW, as well as Victorian Sci-Fi/Steampunk purposes, etc. (just add Death Fields accessories!) 

    Zouaves are covered by another company, but that's such a weird and diverse subject, I can't imagine that additional sets in different styles wold be unwelcome by ACW gamers.  I noticed that Australian and New Zealand militias apparently used some suspiciously similar styles of uniforms to Zouaves, for what it's worth - much the same thing is probably true of other militias of the period as well.  I could certainly see a Zouave kit being used along side "cowboys" against Maori wrriors for e.g. New Zealand Wars and similar gaming subjects in the age of Imperial Conquests!  (For Victorian Sci-fi, it's tough to find a more outlandish and over-the-top subject for a wargaming faction than sci-fi Zouaves IN SPACE!)

    And really, there doesn't seem to be a bad choice on that survey at all - choose anything at random from that menu, and I can imagine some cool army kits coming out of the line!






  • @JTam Yes, Perry Minatures make very nice ones, plus options for metal specials if you want.

  • @H M I like the way your thoughts are going. Some basic bodies with "Sea People style" kilts could have heads and weapons to be used as basic level Peleset, Meshwesh, Teklesh, Egyptian Sailors or Marines, and fit in as extras for Achean, Mycenean, Hittite or Caananite Mercenaries. Similarly a figure in an "animal skin" kilt could be used with "bits" to fit in Nubian, Early Egyptian, Persian or any one of several enemy tribes or auxilliaries for Sumerians or Assyrian/ Babylonian armies.


  • @Hudson Adams Definitely Earlier "Roman" stuff, ie army builder sets for Republican Romans, Carthaginians etc.

  • Tried to vote, but it said I had already voted. Which I had not. Wouldvote for the War of Spanish Succesion.



  • @JTam Perry Miniatures do

  • I voted for SYW. Prussians, Austrians (Germans and Hungarians), French and British. Do a poll for which two opponents to do first and if it's British and French, possibly FIW. 

    But, if Vietnam wins, if you do US PLEASE do separate US Army and USMC figures. Only a few companies bother to differentiate in most scales. You have to because their kit is VERY different. Probably Khe Sanh/Tet Offensive would be the most popular so Marines in USMC M1955 flak jackets and US Army in M67/M68 flak jackets would be great. And for goodness sakes no helmet bands for Marine helmets! At most some men or units used inner tubes of Ford MUTT tyres for helmet bands. 

  • @JTam  am.... but what's about "modern skirmish war games"? Such as based on Force on Force rules? Or "Team Yankee" from Battlefront? And lot more companies which make modern stuff from resin or white metal?

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