Conquistador Size Comparison

  • We had requests for a comparison to the Warlord Landsknecht set. I did a quick photo shoot (with an extreme closeup hence the fuzziness). The landsknecht puddle base is about .5mm taller than the Spanish so I compensated with a bit of paper magnet under ours although it's still about 1mm or so off. In general our guys are taller and a touch beefier but with more proportionate heads. See what you think...


  • Thank you for that. I am looking forward to the  Conquistadors for both historic and fantasy use!

  • As someone who plans to use them for fantasy, "taller" and "beefier" are always good so they don;t look too out of proportion next to fantasy minis.

  • Any chance we could get a side by side with GW zweihanders?

  • Looks great to me! 

    Of course, I'm not very picky about this scale, but these are pretty close in my book.

  • Super helpful! Thank you very much.

  • Here are my conquistadors built for Freeguild along with a size comparison with (7th edition) GW artillery crewmen



  • Those conquistadors really look fantastic, can't wait to get mine. And great to see what they can mix with the older GW kits that were a little more historical-oriented despite being fantasy.

    Now they just need some 16th century Ottomans to fight against (one can dream!)

  • @Daniel Broaddus Are your units going to be a mix-mash of weapons (like the old Empire militia)? Or are those pictured above from several different units? 

    I am thinking

    30 pike

    30 sword and buckler

    2 x20 gun

    and a bonus 30 halberd (made from landsknecht bodies)

  • @William Redford I'm a Wargames Atlantic maximalist (mostly that is). I'm just using WA to make my Freeguild stuff.

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