Who wants WW2 Axis Cavalry?

Who wants WW2 Axis Cavalry?

  • Uniforms and equipment are almost the same just change the upper body and head

  • To paraphrase Dr Nick Riviera, "The Axis?  I am so sick of that guy."


    There are many, many WW2 kits I would want to see ahead of Axis Cavalry.  If you have nowhere left to go but WW2 cavalry, I feel Polish Cavalry would be the best place to start.

  • @Billy Baxter 

    Are you suggesting one Axis kit to cover Heer, SS, Cossacks in German service, maybe Italians, maybe Japanese, maybe Romanians, maybe Bulgarians, maybe Hungarians?

    I think the idea has some merit.  And ANY WW2 cavalry would be welcome.  

    Someone suggested generic WW2 cavalry during the last contest, and it was derided by some.  But again it has some merit.

    Horses, saddles, tack etc.  This did vary between countries, but my guess is that WGA is going to use their generic horse and saddle for any/all countries anyway.  So generic largely works here.

    Riding pants and boots.  Differences between countries largely indistinguishable in 28mm.  Paint the pants the color you need.

    Tunics.  80% of the countries are using 4 pocket long sleeve tunics tunics.  Most of those tunics have stand and fall collars.  Again, generic largely works.

    That leaves webbing, heads, and weapons as the only  very distinctive features.

    For webbing seperate double ammo pouches, triple ammo pouches, and bandoleers that glue on would pretty much could cover it.

    Seperate heads obviously.  Seperate weapons (some overlap here.)

    Kit could contain heads and weapons for two or three cavarly types.  Other powers like Bulgaria could be covered with a head and bits sprue like the Death Fields Accessory Sprue sold separately.

    I'm not saying this is ideal.  I would love seperate cavalry  kits for every power.  But at this point with zero WW2 plastic cavalry kits, beggars can't be choosers.  

    Sidenote:  No one makes 28mm Italian Cavalry who did some yoeman service.  Not in resin or metal. Nobody.   (Maybe a print file available somewhere?)  Would be an awesome kit.

  • Perhaps not the highest priority, interwars cavalry of various nations may be more popular sellers but I was reminded of this...



    WW2 German Cavalry

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Serious although perhaps unanswerable question: doesn't WW2 28mm miniatures outsell all other historical miniatures combined?  

    (I suppose only a manufacturer that sells most all periods like Warlord or similar knows).  

    This is not to suggest the other periods are not important or should not be supported.  This is an honest question.  

    I'm basing my thoughts that WW2 28mm gaming is bigger than all other historical gaming combined on a few magazine polls I looked at, and my sample size of one.  I pop into hobby stores all over the State and occasionally elsewhere.  I see Warhammer (40K, Necromunda, Kill Team, etc) played 90% of the time, Star Wars Legions (we'll call it 28mm) 8% of the time, and Bolt Action 2% of the time.  I've never seen Napoleonic, Ancients, or anything else historical played or even on the shelves in a local hobby store.  

    Yes, a sample size of one is meaningless.  That's why I'm asking the larger forum.

    Yes, there must be a measurable population buying Napoleonics as there are numerous business that survive/thrive? only selling that.  I would be super curious how much Napoleonic sales picked up this year with the release of Silver Bayonet.  (I know Silver Bayonet finally broke my resistance ;) ) 


  • (German)

    (Cossack in German Service)




    So a German Heer/SS/Cossack in German service kit seems super easy to do.  

    Making the same kit capable of covering Romanians and Hungarians (with appropriate ammo pouches and heads) seem doable.  Pants, tunics, boots all LARGELY the same.  Not ideal, but a decent representation could be achieved.

  • Rather have WW1 cavalry at this point, but heck why not.

  • How about cavalry for Russo-Japanese War? Cossacks could be used for WW1 as well 

  • @Don Williams 

    I believe one kit could cover WW1and WW2 Cossacks.  Maybe it could even cover the Russo-Japanese War?  Need to research that.

    Check out the comparisons and thoughts about a WW1/WW2 Cossack kit here:


    (Entry 10 at the bottom).

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