Osprey Reference Book Sale Through 28 February

  • Osprey Publications is having one of their really nice sales.  All kinds of reference books that cover periods and troops that WGA makes are on sale. 

    A lot of Osprey game rules books as well.




    Obviously it's bad form to post links to competitors on the WGA forum.  But Osprey publications isn't a competitor.  Their books compliment WGA miniatures and will inspire you to get more.

    I ordered last week and got my first shipment in today.  The French Soldier VS German Soldier is really good so far.  I challenge you to read this and not pick up a box of WGA French ;)


  • It's been brought to my attention that I may have a Osprey problem:


  • Is there a link to a full list of books?  I clicked the banner on their website, and it took me to a page that had, like, 9 books.  Maaaaaaaybe 12.

  • @BS Kitbasher  

    The 70% Off banner takes you to just a handful of books as you said.

    Browse as you normally would via "Series" or "Period". 

    Almost everything I've clicked on is on sale.

  • A great deal for anyone building or contemplating building WGA WW1 French or Germans.

  • @JTam  No such thing as an Osprey problem ;) 

  • @JTam  thanks!  That's a really counter-intuitive way to have a sale, though. 

  • One thing to look out for are the compilation books that offer quite a bit of savings, such as Rome and Her Enemies or Soldiers of the Dragon.


    I don't know if this is a good place to get into reviewing the books, but Osprey titles can be pretty hit or miss sometimes.  A lot of it comes down to the artist.  For example, Soldier of the Pharoah seems to be pretty informative, but I just can't get past the terrible art.  I'm much more excited for books with Angus McBride art or Giuseppe Rava.

  • Reviews of products and sharing information about sales are two of the things I look for on forums. The gaming community working together with manufacturers and retailers to share information is awesome.

  • For reviews, I recommend Ancient Armies of the Near East as well as Aztecs, Zapotec and Mixtecs for WGA customers looking to get excited about upcoming products; both are informative, give hints of a larger body of history to explore, and have great artwork.  I also enjoyed the book on the Sea People and the book on Qadesh.  Despite great color plates and plate commentary, New Kingdom Egypt and Ancient Assyrians both felt a bit more like history overviews with some Osprey content, not going into quite the depth I was hoping for (even in a 64 page book) on weapons, equipment and tactics.  Hittite Soldier and Soldier of the Pharaoh are both books I think I might finish someday, despite some truly uninspiring art. 

    I find I also get a fuller picture of the history of I listen to YouTube channels like History With Cy or Kings and Generals while folding laundry or whatever.  They help the names and images have more context when I sit down to read the books.

  • @BS Kitbasher  

    I think your idea for a book review thread is a great one.  

    Also, you are 100% correct the Osprey compilations are great values and a list of them would be very useful.

    So the weird thing is that you can't edit the title of threads in General Chatter although you seem able to change titles and add polls to original posts everywhere else.

    Consequently it's probably best to start a new book review thread.



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