My Ongoing Conquistadors (and related stuff)

  • Got to play around a bit with the conquistador sprue. 


    * The Pikeman is straight from the box. Will have a unit of 30 of these guys.

    * The female will be the officer for my pike... She was made with a conquistador body, cut at the torso, a torso from Fireforge's human rabble was used, as was a female head from the human rabble. She has arms and weapons from the conquistador sprue and a hat and sword sheath from Warlord games ECW pikeman sprue. 

    * The halberd is a Warlord games landsknecht body with a pouch and dagger from that kit and arms halberd and head from the conquistador set. I have 30 of these bodies... so will make a unit of 30 with this style head. 


    This is a great set. Lots of potential. 

  • Looking good, and good to see that they can be easily kitbashed with other sets.

  • Great stuff.  

    The leader conversion is effective.  

    The halberdier conversion works too.  Good use of the torsos.  Halberdier unit of 30....hmmmh... remember these guys?:

  • @JTam Yeah, I had these guys. Also had some halberd that came with the Battle Masters board game from Milton Bradley. 

  • Got to work on stuff for a couple hours today. Decided to start with the halberds. I cleaned up the remaining warlord games landsknecht bodies... I had 32 total left from making my halfling musketeers... 

    I made the units command. Champion using all WA conquistador bits (with a Warlord landskencht head). 2 Muniscians. One with WA drum, the other with GW Greatsword horn. The standard uses the WA conq banner pole with a GW Greatsword banner.  The remaining 25 in this unit will use WA halberds, the Hat/heads and have a sheathed sword from the sprue. There are 3 different halberds on the sprue... 

    I still had 2 more Landsknecht bodies. So made a bodyguard for my Priest. The Guns are from Worlords ECW pikeman sprue. I figued since it would only be a bodyguard not a full unit, it will; help them stand out from my eventual WA gunners. The heads on them are WA.

  • Another day, more done. 

    Finished the halberd unit. I have to say the halberd arms are kind of a PITA as the arms arent labeled as to which goes with which. 2 part arms are hard enough without knowing which arms are to be married... and the arm next to the weapon on the sprue does not seem to be the paired one... I managed to assemble but some of the joins arent the greatest... but because I am using them on bodies from another kit I wont complain too much. I will fill the gaps with green stuff at a later date. Anyway the Unit is 30 strong and in 3 ranks of 10. 


    I also cleaned up the bodies for the 30 man pike unit. They will be my next but probably not until next weekend... Though Next weekend is my wife's birthday so they may be delayed. 

    After the 30 pike. I will do 2 units of 20 arquebus and then a 30 man sword and shield unit. That will leave me 20 bodies to make some artillery and A general and staff.

  • Significant progress!  Someone isn't fooling around.

    I see the round bases.  Did you convert over to Age of Sigmar? 

  • @JTam I did a couple years back. But with sqaure movement trays i could unse them in Kings of war too if I really wanted. 

    I mostly used round bases so that I could also use in D&D/pathfinder and have kind of just kept the tradition going.

  • Glad to see the parts don't look too out of place on Landsnehkts, the box i've had kicking about for ages might finaly see some use!

    I know they said the pikes are 50mm long, how much of that actully sticks out from the front hand?

  • @William Redford That is a great looking start to an army.  I wish these kits had been around back when I played Warhammer Fantasy.  And I should really finish up my current KoW projects before I start another.

    Have you considered using 20mm rounds as the base?  That way they fit the KoW footprint more accurately.  You can magnetize the 20mm base and stick them on a magnetized 25mm round to give the larger footprint when you need it. 

    I'm so excited for the WGA bases coming out cause that'll make magnetizing the 25's a breaze.  Though I wish they had come out 3 weeks sooner ... I just bought 75 new 25mm bases from another manufacturer cause I was down to my last 6.

    Oh well.🤷‍♂️

  • @Andy Smith I can take a look this weekend if I get a chance to work on Stuff. On a guess I would say 30-34 mm.

  • @Forrest Wentworth I hadnt really considered 20mm. Though if you are, the puddle base on the bodies definitely wont fit on a 20mm... so would have to be removed. Actually, one of the body variants is standing strainght and the puddle base is small enough that it would fit on a 20, but I dont believe the other 4 bodies would. 

  • Its my wife's birthday (actually it was yesterday... yes April 1st). She went to Philadelphia to eat some Indonesian food. I recommend the Gado Gado and Sate Kambing. She went with her friends though, so I am home alone... That means I got to work on my fantasy conquistadors. While watching Goonies and RoadHouse.


    I worked on my pike unit. Finished the Drummer and Standard and the back 3 ranks (marching pose). The standard pike guys are all WA bits. Using the straight pose and the shoulder rest pikes. I chose the morion heads for this unit. The Drummer is likewise all WA bits. The Banner uses the banner and pointing left arm from Fireforge's Northmen set. And you guys have seen the unit champion already. 


    I have 15 more to finish this unit (tomorrow), and they will be the advancing poses with the pointing pikes. I think this unit will be 6 rows of 5. With the front 3 ranks advancing and the back 3 ranks at shoulder. 


  • @William Redford 


    Awesome work!  These guys are looking great.


  • Great work! Your troops look brilliant.

    Round bases and square movement trays for the win! 👏🏻


  • More work. Finally finished my Pike. Tomorrow I will start on my swordsman... Delaying my muskets as 2 part arms are the devil! EVIIIIILLLLLLL!!!

    Anyway the Pike were not that bad. The poofy arm pike is the easiest to find a match for so the last 10 guys i just used that one arm. :)



  • Worked a bit more today. Blocked off the 30 troops for my swordsmen. These guys will be the elite unit in my army. Heavy armor and shields. There are only 2 styles of the armored body (1 of each on the sprue. So I will do 15 in the standing pose and 15 in teh advancing pose.  I did a test figure and decided this will be the helmet I use for the unit. I also did a test figure for my musketeers... and decided on this helmet... but I will have 2 units of 20 for the muskets, so not sure if I will go with the same helmet for both units. 


    The Swordsmen, I finished the last rank. The Command. Champion, Catarina DeAlba... she has a fireforge cloak and a metal head from Statuesque miniatures. The Banner bearer has a banner from fireforge northmen and a left arm from GW greatswords. 


  • The pike block really looks the part!

    Great conversions.

    That helmet for the musket armed Soldiers seems like a good choice.  Seems like a solid I don't need as much protection, don't instruct my visibility choice.

    This is great news!  The GW Empire bits seem to work great with the WGA kit.  

    Do you have any input/thoughts on GW Empire and WGA Conquistador compatibility?

  • @JTam They seem to be a great match. I havent tried any empire heads yet, but may do so for my general. I have a ton of GW greatsword ... greatsword arms... So may do a unit of those in the future. The conquistador greatswords are good but the GW ones are definitely more imposing (larger)... 

    The GW handgun (musket) arms dont really work if you are using both conquistador ones and GW ones as the GW ones are really large and not super detailed. But other than that I think the bits mix freely and well. 

  • @William Redford 

    Thank You.

    To clarify:  You can use two (left and right) GW musket arms on a WGA Conquistador body?

  • @JTam Sort of... The GW musket bodies have the left arm built in... so there is no real left arm for the muskets. The GW Muskets are right arms attached to the musket with a left hand attached to the end of the musket... So the only thing you attach to the GW body is the right arm and line up the left hand to match...


    So... if you attach those arms to a conquistador body, you would have to find a different left arm to fit... as there arent any loose ones that come with the GW muskets. 

  • @William Redford 

    Thank You.  Ah, I didn't realize one arm was molded on the body of these guys:

    My Empire handgunners are metal or these guys:

    Who have two arms.

    (Looking at the Ebay price, maybe I should have kept those new in box ;) )



  • Now that I think about it, I may have a new in box, factory wrapped Empire Handgunners kit like that.  Except the box is in German.  Sigh... too valuable to use?  May just hold on to it, and sell it later so my daughter can go to college.

  • Yeah... The old empire plastic knight regiment, the militia, the soldiers... I see all go for $100+ I need 10 of the older soldiers shields... (the ones with the molded lion faces)... to finish a unit of 30 swordsman for one of my other empire armies... But man do those guys go for absurd money... 

  • @William Redford 

    I left all my Empire stuff in my Brother's house a few years back.  But I'll rummage through it the next time I visit.   If I have any of those shields I'll send them to you.  I've never been a big fan of the 3d shields..... don't know why.  

    You are talking about the round 6th edition starter box ones right?

  • @JTam  yup, that's them. Thank you sir. 

  • @William Redford 

    No worries.  Also, no promises.  I didn't get many of those guys back in the day as I was poor and also turned off at how ginormous those guys were compared to all my other Empire troops.

  • @JTam No worries. You found them larger? I think they match pretty well with the other empire units. Here is one next to a greatsword... and the unit I made. There are 20 in this unit... but I would like it to be 30 to match my other units. 

    I did some minor converting on these. A head swap for the champion with another empire head and i gave them all swords from Fireforge's northmen... But considering how much the models go for now, that was probably a mistake... but I have no regrets. 

    Edit: The champion has a WA Irish cloak... ha, forgot about that.

  • @William Redford 

    Very IMPRESSIVE work Mister Redford... Always glad to see such devotion. I was planning to buy some conquistadors to depict Estalians during some Lustrian expedition and was wondering about set modularity.. and thanks to you I just got my answer.

    Cannot wait for your musket regiment and some heavy cavalry -when WGA release such models. 👏

  • @Steven StGeorges the one musket I assembled wasn't as hard to find the corresponding left arm as the pikes and halberds were. So I am hopeful. :) I can't wait for the cavalry either. I sent@Hudson Adams a message to see if there were any more previews he could show. Fingers crossed. 

  • @William Redford 

    OK.  So there is evidently two rough sizes of Warhammer Empire miniatures.

    The beautiful early metals

    and these plastics

    are roughly the same size.

    The 6th Edition starter guys,

    newest State Troopers,

    and plastic Greatswords

    are roughly the same size - larger.

    The WGA Conquistadors as you proved work well with the newer second size.

    I couldn't find one picture comparing the sizes of the different Empire troops miniatures.


  • @JTam  

    I even quit playing an Empire army -1990 I think, the sole soldiers I still have are the 4043 Mounted Knights -the Imperial Guard back then- with the Imperial General (the famous one with the Wings à la Polish Lancer) , a Great Wizard and retinue (on horse and on foot). I was less fan of the neo Renaissance style of the latest Empire. 

    But I have to admit I am fond of WGA Conquistadors thanks to the famous Lustrian Temple diorama -now exposed at Warhammer World. They could easy fit there without any problem

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Nice!  My box of WGA Conquistadors is destined to brave the dangers of Lustria.

    If you Google "Mordheim Lustria" there's pretty much all the resources online you need to conduct a campaign.

  • @JTam  I did have 25 or so reiksguard foot knights in metal... and while my other infantry came with 20mm square bases, they came with 25mm square bases. They were not that much larger than the older plastics but had much wider stances... other than them, and characters... all of my troops were plastic... from either the battalion set or battle masters. Until battle masters all of my cavalry was metal with plastic horses. My favorite were the knights Panther and the reiksguard. And my general was the reiksmarshall. Though I also had the ice Queen of kislev. I actually still have the ice Queen... but she is now mounted on a bones dragon... also had one of the original steam tanks.. the smaller all metal one... and an all metal war wagon. But those models were sold long ago... 


    I am hoping we get some good kits with the new Warhammer fantasy square base game that is supposed to be coming in the future...  of course since the models will likely be 5 for $50 or 10 for $60, I am still more excited for the WA kits. 

    I do miss all the specialty empire warbands from Mordheim... especially Marienberger. Though I was out of the country for most of Mordheim's life span... first Venezuela then Indonesia... which is when all of my old lovely models were lost or sold... :(

  • @Steven StGeorges I remember that diorama... I also remember the white dwarf that had the old metal pistoliers fighting the lizard men as well. It really was a great theme... and got me to buy the D&D Maztica set around that same time. 

  • @William Redford 

    My Knights were a bit older than the models you played.. 

    I succeeded my Sanity Check when the 4th ed Reikguard was released ... cause they were very nice models, like the Imperial Battle Wagon. I kept some very glorious models and sets from these Heroic Days of Auld. I wish I never sold or gave away all the rest sometimes.

    I am going to give W:The Old World a miss -with wife's approval. I am not ready to spend a lots of solid bucks/quids/euros in new sculpts. Even if I am anxiously waiting to see those ranges. And what WGA is going to release sooner or later to extend his that very specific range, I am waiting for the Conquistador Heavy Cavalry. 

    It is a Nick Davis' diorama as far as I remember... his Jungle Fever articles are still a must-read to my mind.

    Maztica... nice still a pleasure to meet another TSR fan. 

  • @JTam  

    Mordheim transposed to Lustria? Thanks for the hint JT, downloading everything at the moment ... will take a look later. 👌

  • @William Redford 

    That painted horse though.....

    Also, speaking of Pistoliers:


    I ran a lot of Pistoliers, Winged Lancers, and the Ice Queen back in the day.

    (Not my mini/paint job.  Wish I could paint like that.)

    Love that model.  She won many many a battle and somehow never died.  Had a close call with a cannon ball though.

    I think Kislev is first in the pipe for Old World WFB The Return....  I wonder if they will redo the Ice Queens model.


  • @JTam  

    Err... thanks for the link .. but

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Strange.  The link works for me.  Not sure what is happening there.

    It's the "Reiter" thread I just started.   It's at the top of the "Latest Topics."

    Voice your support for Reiter if you'd like some plastic Pistoliers that more closely match the metals/won't break the bank.  Or just lend your thoughts.

  • @JTam  

    They are going to redo (or "update" in GW slang) every single model ... since GW do not own IP over the Perrys' creations and GW want to attract Total War players to her customers base. They did already post some previews on warhammer community I think.

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    I'm not sure that's necessarily true.

    They haven't redone all the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures for Age of Sigmar.  I don't know why they would redo them for Old World Redux if they didn't change them for AOS.

    The Total War designs were VERY close to the WFB minis so little or no redesign needed there.

    So hopefully what they update will be like a lot of the redone 40K character models.  A little fancier, a little bigger, in plastic, but fairly true to the old look.

    If you're just talking about the Kislev line you're probably right.  It only had what, 4 units? back in the day.  Total War reimagined heavily and created several new troop types to make a "full" army.  GW will probably make a new line more in line with Total War.

    (Original gangster minis vs Total War.  Fortunately not much change there.)

    (Total War troop type vs one of the first GW teasers for Fantasy Battle Redux.)

    I think we may also see the forces of Cathay this time around in WFB Redux Thanks to Total War.  (The upcoming WGA Warring States is well timed.)


  • @JTam  

    AOS did start with "You-could-use-your-minis" (excepted if you are playing Bretonnian and Tomb Kings) slogan... to appease the raging droves of WFB fans. AOS should be understanded as a cheap rebirth of the Warhammer franchise: so new rules, new setting with old minis ... at least at the very beginning and for some ranges.

    GW wants the old veterans to come back and intrigued Total War players to join ... so the Old World -even if based during the War of the Three Emperors so before the coming of Magnus the Great and the Great War against Chaos so technically speaking during the 2nd and 3rd editions of WFB. Veterans could re-use their old Hero to LateHammer armies , spending some very solid bucks on new models, and no problem with slotta bases: Square is back! New players -the main target of GW- will have to sell kidney or kids to build their armies.

    Remember GW is not the International Red Cross, maybe they are going to hire the Perrys' (not sure about in fact) to update some of their old models, same for every other ranges... excepted for Kislev, 2 units (Ungols Archers and Winged Lancers) and 2 heroes (Ice Queen and Tzar on Bear) are clearly not enough to form an army. So a major redo should be GW main idea, like W30k, new models based on very old ones veterans were able to play during games. 

    Cathay -good old Cathay...- will be the main new faction: back to the day, we had some pretty units till the Far-East just disappeared in smoke, so long Nippon, Hind, Araby/Arabia and Lustria. So I am anxious to see that army. 100% new models... some players are already selling kids to work in PRC factories.. 

    I've never played to Warhammer Total War.. I (really) need to do some researches. But my deux Can cents on a major redo, in slowmo -slowly but surely my Precious...

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    What I was trying to say with:

    Is that there are a lot of minis from WFB that survived the transition to AOS all the way to today.

    Empire State Troops.  Empire Greatswords. Empire General. Empire Pistoliers.  Empire war machines of all types.  All completely unchanged.

    Night Goblins of all sorts.  

    Ogres I believe.  

    A lot of the Skaven.

    Dark Elf Corsairs.  

    A lot of other stuff in the GW website for sale as we speak.  I wouldn't think they would change those kits for WFB Redux if they didn't change them for AOS (yet.)

  • @JTam while they didnt redo models for AOS, most of the stuff they have released is not really similar to the old Warhammer Fantasy stuff either. Stormcast... Ogre sized guys in full armor... Nemarti- blind fish elves, Kharadron overlords - steam punk flying dwarves that mine Aethergold, I mean they still have some old models of Empire but nothing new has been released for it. Now dont get me wrong... I do like most of what has come out... but I miss the old Warhammer fantasy days. 


    Edit: I was typing while you posted... :) yeah all of the Cities of Sigmar stuff is all old. I kind of think its still theer because they can still make money off of it so why not...

  • @JTam  

    GW is GW: we are mere mortals -and walking purses- to her. GW is known to defend her IP whatever the cost: remember the Pauldrons or the Space Marine case ?

    Problem is most of all WFB moulds do not belong to GW but the sculptors that did them like the Perry twins for example, that why Wargame Foundry released models based on those old moulds and GW was unable to sue both (the Twins and WGF).

    But if you are considering now the Twins work on Lord or the Rings they were not creator from A to Z, just hired to sculpt minis based on Howe and Wetaworks visuals. Why? Cause of IP. 

    GW recycled most of the late Empire line for his Freeholds and some other AOS ranges can be traced back to WFB BUT it is only because GW is owning 100% of the IP related to such models. So no troubles about them, just keep make some money with old sculpts. 

    Same for most of Chaos Demons visuals and names... not GW IP but Tony Ackland, GW redid most of the models now but still pledged to pay the guy his royalties to keep using their names. 

    GW has an old habit of redoing models to quit paying royalties back to their respective holders. When the Goblinmaster left GW after 4th ed, GW gradually removed his models for new ones... and so forth. 

    So maybe you are right about the Empire references and some other ranges but I think GW will only keep models that IP is 100% hers.



  • @JTam  

    Just cause of your posts about Mordheim: Lustria - The Cities of Gold, I am thinking to add some Amazonian/Lustrian territory to my Scifi campaign setting.. using Stargrave rules to play. Going to order another couple of NorthStar Crew and Mercenaries boxes, one of WGA lizardmen -will pay a visit to Dollarstore for cheap dinosaurs- and third-hand sites for GW lizardmen (have some plastic skinks somewhere I think).

    Now have to find a very good explanation for such purchases... 

  • While browsing one of my favourite third-hand retailer, I stumbled upon those guys

    On page 1, one could find some Pistoliers/Outriders and some Empire soldiers... 

    That shop is selling that stuff on ebay also, but shipping could be a problem depending where do you live. 

  • @Steven StGeorges oooh, thanks for the heads up. Though my hobby funds right now are kind of tied up. I am backing Bones 6. And awaiting Fireforge's samurai and Shieldwolf will be relaunching their desert girls soon... 

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    You're welcome ;)

    Please don't send your banker and/or spouse after me.

    Sci Fi Lustria/Amazon is an intriguing idea.

    What explanation do you really need though?  YOLO!  You only live once.  

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