Bulldogs vs Grognards speculation

  • What do you suppose the difference between the Bulldogs and Grognards will be on the actual battlefield? 

    It seems to me that Einjar will likely be tough guys that get in close and just keep coming.

    Cannon fodder will be, well cannon fodder, sending in waves of soldiers with no particular strengths or weaknessess.

    Rumajager seem to be the stealthier special forces of the setting.

    But where do Bulldogs and Grognards fit in?

  • i'll be honest no idea. i assume they will be different in equipment to some degree. they could also just play close to the same. i'd guess grognards have the heavy equipment set, and maybe bulldogs get cavalry

  • The food is way better with the grognards (and "An army walks on its stomach.")

    But the bulldogs have some high-tech tea-maker.

  • I'm not sure about the relative strengths or weaknesses, but I can't help thinking these two factions have a long-running grudge against each other, and are the "classic" Death Fields team line-up! 

    If Wargames Atlantic were to make a Death Fields Starter Set with rulebook, accessories, and two opposing factions, then these two factions would (to me) be the best sets to build the starter set around.


  • @Yronimos Whateley I didn't even think of a starter set! That would be kind of perfect. They are the two most unique and potentially iconic armies in the line so far. I can see a lot of folks picking it up just because of the oddity.

    Starter boxes are such a great idea! You could throw in the three sprues from each faction and a quick start guide with relatively minal effort. I hope they eventually go this route.

  • @Red Bee And it would have mass appeal due to the Iconic rivalry of Brits and French.

    I would also like for the ranges to be expanded (heavy weapons and specialist units box like what the Grognards have for every faction).

  • They are at each others throats until the Raumjaeger show up, then they work together for a bit.

  • @Andrew Stoeckle 


  • @Red Bee

    Ideally, given what they are based on historically and what is in the sets:

    The Bulldogs never have enough ammo and tend to rely on bayonet charges with initial covering fire more due to this, focusing on getting into CQC with their opponents.

    The Grognards focus on trench and fortification tactics with a heavy emphasis on shock attacks for more offense actions.  

    The Raumjagear focus on mobility, with commando and paratrooper tactics.

    The Einjar rely on updated shield wall tactics alongside commando style raid operations.

    Cannonfodder use various tactics if they are organized; they often steal the weapons of fallen allies and enemies.  

    The Spiders use various tactics as there are many cultures and racial groups among them. However the two most common tactics  are massive human wave tactics in large groups and in smaller groups or as individuals guerrilla/anti-guerrilla  tactics with a heavy emphasis traps and ambushes, they are also very good at starship to starship defensive fighting.

    Like the spiders and humanity the lizard men are varied race with several different tactics and strategies to draw from. But the two most common tactics are guerrilla tactics with a focus on stealth and night raids and in larger groups what can best be described as Napoleonic firing line tactics with assault rifles thrown in and chemical weapon cloud cover.

  • Bulldogs having fewer numbers and supplies, but better, more cutting edge tech, and a predisposition to espionage, sabotage and underhanded tactics, while the Grognards have better supplies, greater numbers, and more reliable equipment, favouring more direct shock tactics, elite units and heavy artillery fire sounds like a good mix of thematically and gameplay appropriate differentiators.


    I also like the fantasy races equivelants I heard recently for Brits, French and Germans being good representations in gameplay: Bulldogs would behave like Orks, Goblins and Ogres, Grognards would be various flavours of Elves, and the Raumjager would be Dwarves.

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