141st Penal Legion

  • Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    My pandemic project was getting back into painting minis, and my latest task has been putting together a penal legion using the excellent Cannon Fodder sculpts (with the help of some other company's miniatures as well). Here's the first squad I put together: includes 7 prisoners and 3 guards. My goal is to create an infantry platoon using I.G. rules, with support & special weapons. 

    I'll try and post more of the squads & support as I finish them. Any CC welcome and appreciated. 

    Happy painting!

  • Good work! Nice Color scheme for your imperial guard overseers. Black and red is a really decent Classic.

  • @Erebos Hammerhand Thanks! I was definitely inspired by some of the older GW books and minis. I'm especially thinking of the 3rd Edition City Fight cover art by Kopinski.

  • @Mumbleford Waits 

    They look great!  I'm excited to see this project progress.

    Are you going to do explosive vest "demo charges"?

    That's a great source of inspiration:

    Remember that book fondly.

  • Quick Update: Finished up the Warden Commander for the penal legion. He'll be a junior officer/lieutenant in charge of the platoon. I've always loved this scuplt; its so full of personality. For some reason, he just screams corrupt prison warden to me. Happy to have found a relatively cheap one so I could paint him up!

    Still working on his command squad, as well as a second squad of prisoners & their overseers. Hope to have more painted & posted after the weekend painting!

  • @Mumbleford Waits 

    He does have that corrupt official Boss Hog feel.


  • @Mumbleford Waits 

    Always loved that old Cadian Lieutenant model...good choice. Now the Commissar? 

    And what's about some .. human bombs? Are they still part of the IG army list?

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    I don't think so.  But I believe they have special weapons squads where individuals can take one use "demo charges."  Sounds like a good fit to me.

  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Commissar is definitely in the works. How else can I keep the scum and villainy in line? And the prisoners too! ;) As for human bombs, @JTam is absolutely right re: demolition charges. Just gotta put on my kitbashing/green stuff thinking cap to figure out how to sort it out.

    Life interrupted hobbies this week, but I'm hoping to post squad 2 over the weekend.

  • @Mumbleford Waits 


    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  

    The old metal miniatures for reference:

    I've given thought on how to make similar miniatures for my more or less Rogue Trader Imperial Guard army.

    Option one is don't make anything.  Use the Victoria Miniatures one.  I'm not a fan of the head though.

    Option 2 is make "dynamite" all around his torso.  Either with plastic rod.


    Or brass tube cut with this:


    With the brass tube you might actually be able to run wire through them to "daisy chain" them.


    Looking forward to your other updates and Commisar as well.

  • I got this female not Yarrick a few months ago:


    It's a nice model.


  • @Mumbleford Waits 

    As far as I do remember, back to W40K 1.5 and 2, Penal Battalions included Adeptus Mechanicus personnel since they were responsible for the explosive collars, under Commissar strict monitoring -so detonating those of soldiers that fumble their Morale check for instance.. avoiding any rout and reinforcing the Esprit de Corps of the survivors. 

  • @JTam  

    Good choice JT, that model seems to be the most popular over the Blogosphere and specialist websites. 

  • Update! Squad 2 is finished, ready to earn some pardons at the end of a bayonet.
    And a rear view, which I totally forgot to show in my initial post... But it's how you know they're in the 141st!

    And a view of the entire platoon so far:

    On the painting front, I've got to finish up the Lt.'s command squad, and the platoon commissar. Then, add some special weapon support (snipers, human bombs?), another squad or two, and some support weapons. Lots to do! 

  • @Mumbleford Waits 
    Not sure how well the rules would fit, but perhaps your bombers could work as cyclops demolition vehicles. Instead of being remote controlled by an operator, it would be remotely commanded by an overseer of some kind :)

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