Sci-Fi Marines

  • I know there are already lots of boxes that kind of represent guardsmen from WH and anything similar BUT, nothing is close enough to Halo CE marines. It's pure nostalgia but I've been searching long and hard and haven't been able to find something. Not sure if they would sell well but I know I would buy them in a heartbeat. 


    These aren't the greatest quality images but they were the best examples I could find. There could also be the variant without armour.
    Or they could all be like this ^ with the armour being pieces that you could choose to glue on. 

    Alternatively, there are the Halo 3 marines which people like more but personally, I prefer the Halo CE design though these are good too. Either way, this has been something I've been wanting badly with weapons that ideally look similar to the Halo assault rifle.

  • While I wouldn't complain if WA did a box, since more space marines (not 40k) are always good, you could look at Mantic's GCPS. I think the aesthetic is decently close.

  • I agree, Andrew Stoeckle, not more w40k-marines... 

    I think the IronCore-Troopers with other Heads and/or weapons are perfect marines... 


  • Here are GCPS:

  • @Frank Reischmann eisenkern seem a little heavy for that. I have both eisenkern and raumjaegers that I plan on using for a skirmish game idea I am working on. I really like the look of both sets.

  • Oh... really to heavy... I wouldn't have thought now...

    Valkyrs - I think so... but not the troopers. I consider them as well-protected soldiers...

    Know you the movies "Jin-Ro" and "Illang - the wolf brigade" (real movie)? these are IronCore-troopers...

    But the Mantic GPPS-Troopers are good marines... I have a marine unit from Star Saga-Kickstarter, they are great minis... or you use marines from "AlienvPredator"...




  • There was Wargames Atlantic's teased US sci-fi light infantry.....

    Its been a while though since the last teaser though.

  • GCPS with the marine helmet are pretty good mid tech marines, I've been combining some of the bodies with cannon fodder heads and arms for militia types.

  • @John Wilson The light SciFi infantry looks pretty interesting. Look like they're heavily inspired by the Alien movies. 

  • @Frank Reischmann Yeah I agree. Not sure if I explained myself well but I want them to resemble Halo marines or something very close not w40k marines. Mainly the Halo CE marines as mentioned. 
    It probably wouldn't be too hard for WGA to make. I'm sure they could just take one of the existing Death Fields kits and tweak the models a bit. 
    Possibly even take the Cannon Fodder kit and throw armour on them and different guns. 

  • @John Wilson @Frank Reischmann @Andrew Stoeckle I found higher quality images that hopefully show what they look like better. I admit the CE marines may look a bit bland and boring so some details from the newer marines could be added to the old look?

  • Maelstorm's Edge Epirian Foundation Units could be another alternative ... SecDef for example are quite a lovely mix of Oldhammer Imperial Guard, Starship Troopers and Halo marines. 

  • @Steven StGeorges They do look pretty good

  • @SaucyNaut  

    Indeed my friend, Maelstorm's Edge minis are really underrated -especially Karists and Broken ones... 🙄

  • Agreed that there's not much that I know of that would be an exact match, but yeah, if I were to try to proxy some, the Eisenkern with different heads wouldn't be a very bad match for some heavily-armored troops of this sort (with a few weapons that are pretty similar.)  The Cannon Fodder aren't too bad a match for the more lightly-armored figures. 

    Stargrave Troopers would probably be a little closer to what you're looking for, with a more medium type of armor - too bad they look a little shorter and stockier than WGA's figures.

    I've got some Stargrave Troopers partly cooked up into proxies for the Doom Guy / Queake Guy for a tabletop RPG based on the classic 3D shooter video games - which aren't very different from the Halo sci-fi marines you're looking for, come to think of it.


    Those WGA sci-fi light infantry mentioned above would really be a nice match for this sort of thing, with lots of other uses besides - hopefully those are one of the secret projects that are listed on WGA's development schedule!


  • That looks very good... I think I must buy a few boxes of Stargrave Troopers... perfect for kitbash to my Raumjaeger infantry...

  • @Frank Reischmann 

    ..and do not forget to take a look at Stargrave personnalities: the sniper, trooper veterans, the medic and so forth are really lovely models. 

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