Don`t be afraid to buy Iron Core,

  • Any one reading our recent posts on bringing back the lore for Iron Core don`t be in any way put off in buying Iron Core miniatures. When the originals came out I fell in love with them  and never hesitated to purchase them. I very quickly painted them and got on with playing Aftermath, Twilight 2000, Dredd, Across the Dead Earth, Against the Dead, Shadow Run, these are just a few RPG`s I`ve used them in and numerous war games, the major being  Ground Zero Games, Stargrunt. 

    Having no rules never stopped the fun of these figures, and now with the resize and new release, I couldn`t be more happy they will fit my worlds much better now. I would like to see all of Marks ranges come out but with a lot more, this time if the Leviathens do see light of day( and why not) it would be nice to have a removable head cockpit with crew. The add on weapons could come on storage "Tractors" nice to transport to the mech on the battle field, and support the weapon when not used.  There are many mechs in the range and with other items with or without a official rule set you need not think twice about buying items from this range the Key word is versitivity , it was and will be, one of the best ranges made.  


  • I agree... 😇... as a big fan of Marks work... I hope, he goes any further in future... 





  • I've got a little thread somewhere in which I've been talking about adapting the Eisenkerne guys into not-Cobra Troopers for a sort of Joes-vs-Cobra skirmish game.  I've got them assembled with some AK-47s (from Warlord's zombie survivors), and they look fantastic for that purpose!

    I've talked about using them for Star Wars stormtroopers, Shadowrun corporate security goons, Battlestar Galactica cylons, and many other sci-fi factions before - they're a great range of minis!

    I've mentioned it pretty much every time the subject has come up, but I'll just be happy to see the vehicles (like the armored car) and accessories/command set (with the robot-mules!)



  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Would it be possible to post pics of the Eisenkern with AKs at some point?  

    I would love to see more Eisenkern kit bashes posted.  It's super interesting and also demonstrates their flexibility.

  • @Yronimos Whateley 
    All ideas was right...  👍

    And same as JTan, pictures were good... 

    WA should bring Mark in the Legion Forum... 🙏

  • @Yronimos Whateley please as Tam asked can we see some piictures.

  • Oh wow, I didn't exect that!  Well, I havne't painted them yet, my lighting is bad, my potato-cam is a few generations out of date, my hands shake, and the picture is a little blurry, but hopefully this will help a little until I can take some better pictures (painted, if I'm feeling ambitious enough! :) )


    Some of the details:

    • That's a Reaper Bones "Blackstar Corsair" in the back, standing in for S.N.A.K.E. power-armor.  It looks great with the Eisenkern figures!
    • The running figure in the foreground, third figure from the left, is one of the lady Eisenkerne troopers, but in Eisenkern armor it's hard to tell who is male or female a glance, really (the helmets are shaped a little different for the female figures, and their waists are just the smallest bit more hourglass-shaped.)
    • The Officer in the back, just to her right, has a Bolt Action Winter Russian head with a scarf over the mouth, on a Wargames Atlantic "Cannon Fodder" jump-suited body and backpack.  This combination actually looks very close to the original Cobra Officer (and Trooper) figure, and mixes well with the Eisenkern figures (the helmets are very similar in style.)
    • It's hard to see, but the figure in the very back, second from the left, has an RPD or RPK-style machine gun with drum magazine. He's also got the lower half of a "Cannon Fodder" body, and the cloth sleeves from one of the Project Z soldiers the machine gun came from - these combine well with the Eisenkerne upper torso/chest armor - since he'll be carrying the squad's machine-gun and ammo, I figure he'll appreciate a little less encumbrance!
    • I think all the magazine belt-pouches came with one Eisenkerne set or another (probably that set that included the great little "mule" bots.)


    Some bits I kinda wish I had would include hand-held radio/mobile handsets - I think the Eisenkerne troops have some sort of futuristic comms gear built into their helmets, but the hand-held sets would suit the 20th/21st Century private army thing better.  Also, a Dragunov-style marksman/sniper rifle would have been nice as well.

    Not shown is the Eisenkern trooper with "Cannon Fodder" arm-swap for the heavy-duty Cannon Fodder BFG - the arm swap worked great, but I also gave a test-fit for a GW Chaos Knight skull-shaped helm which I imagined as some sort of goofy over-the-top villain, I'd have called him The Iron Skull, and figured him as a megalomaniac officer of some sort, with visions of establishing his own Ruritanian totalitarian military government.  The GW figures are, I believe, shorter than the Eisenkern figures, but the GW helmet looks outrageously big on an Eisenkern body!  The result looks a bit goofy!  I'll have to remove it, and try some sort of Plan B.  Back to the drawing board....


    By the way, @Geoff Maybury :  your paint job on that battlemech/titan and the accompanying Eisenkern guy look great!  I love the rust effect!

  • Great start Brother.  It's gladening to see the Eisenkern and Fodder parts work so well together.   It's also enlightening that the Eisenkern work so well with the "slight" real world weapons.  Maybe due to their more realistic proportions.  


  • Thank you!  I agree - the more realistic proportions help a lot, I think.  The same goes for the Cannon Fodder bodies:  the proportions on those are pretty natural compared to many of the more "heroically" proportioned minis in my collection!  For example, I don't think this sort of project would have worked as well with Star Grave minis - if that were all I had to work with, then I'd have just used their default weaponry (which is quite a bit beefier than these AKs!).

  • @Geoff MayburyThey are very good SciFi sets, quite possibly the best looking ones out there and they work for a lot of stuff. They can be used for anything from fantasical weirdwar to bleeding edge cyberpunk, (you could probably use them to proxy into infinity without them looking out of place).  The game I have seen them used for the most though is Stargrunts II.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Thank you, but not mine they came from the blog page. I sold all my pictures along with the Leviathens, to there new owners, as I only want the new scale. Iv`e kept, as Iv`e said else were some unbuilt mules and a box of male infantry, I just couldn`t bear to part with, incase we don`t see the mules if they come out,  I`ll let em go to old school guys. My new scale consists of some Panzerjager, painting, an order ready for the males in May when they arrive. Also several projects for new scale support vehicles,  that I`ve been really lucky with . Two attack hovercraft, one large supply hovercraft, Recovery Vehicle, and large Command Vehicle. All fit well in with 1/56th Si/fi and its made me very Happy that after such along time my Eisenkern are coming together, even if it is a new begining.  

  • I'd like to see the rest of this Iron Core range get expanded to its original size and more. If anybody has a list and images of the stuff they used to have for Iron Core I would be happy.

  • I just recently came across the Iron Core range and got me a box of the Eisenkern Stormtroopers. Amazing miniatures. Can't wait for Wargames Atlantic to add more to the range, hopefully along with a game and rules to play them!

  • I made these two as a sniper team, shooter and spotter.

  • with the Xenos Rampant, Stargrave, and other minis agnostic rules, there is no reason why you couldn't make use of these minis if you like their look.


    though to be honest, i suspect we won't see the Titans showing up any time soon (at least, as potentially anything other than .STL files). those are just way too huge of kits and too low of sales for what WGA can afford right now.

  • I bought two of the LEviathans in 28mm when Dreamforge was clearning house. They are two of my most treasured and undersused models in my collection. I recently got my first box of the Eisenkern Stormtroopers, and I am pretty sure I have a box of Panzerjagers coming for Xmas. I really do love the look of them all, but I think my favorite were the Panzerjagers. It can be hard to find female soldiers in this hobby that aren't overtly sexual in nature, and the Panzerjagers were feminine without being slutty fantasy babes in armor. I'm going to use them to act as the first force in my own game. They'll standin as "Stormtroopers" in 40k, and maybe as Imperial Soldiers in 30k. Sweet little set of troops.

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