My slowly growing halfling army

  • Hi!

    After being really impressed with Wargames Atlantic's sci-fi sets I've decided to build a small halfling force for some Frostgrave and later Age of Magic action. So I ordered 3 boxes of Halfling Militia ...

    So far I've managed to paint up about 11 little guys, converted up one wizard and primed a few more. I'll try to add slowly to this force and document my progress here the best I can :)

    Here are some pictures of the finished models. A unit of 4 hearthguard halberdiers, 2 soldiers with shield + close combat weapons and 2 with pole weapons. One wizard converted using Cannon Fodder, Fireforge and Frostgrave Wizard bitz.

  • Two pictures of my wizard. 

  • Beautiful minis.  Nicely done!

    Nice photos too.

    Where are the hearthguard helmets from?

    Have you played Saga: Age of Magic?  How do you like it?

    Looking forward to further updates as you progress.

  • Thanks :)

    The greathelms are from the Halfling Militia kit, 1/sprue.

    I played two games (6 points each) and really enjoyed it :) In my opinion it is a great balance of deep, but not too cumbersome rules with cool abilities/ways you can build up your forces.

    If things go as planned I'll play two more games this weekend adding in some wizards and maybe a bit greater forces.

  • @András Csaba Horváth 

    I didn't realize there was a great helms on the sprue.  Wargames Atlantic did a great job with the Halfling kit.

    Thank You for the feedback on Saga: Age of Magic.

  • Excellent start to what could be a great wee army.  I have no actual need for a halfling army but I am still sorely tempted simply because they are such charecterful minis.

    I love the business like look of your hearth guard unit.  They look like they could handle the charge of a goblin horde with ease, and all before elevenses.

  • Thanks for the kind words :)

    In the meantime I finished some ranged troops and also some more warriors with halberds. Still need to base them, but after that I will post a few pictures of them.

    Also converted up a new group of hearthguards with bitz from all over the place, those still need to be painted...

  • So in the last two months I only made some very small progress due to other projects taking over, work, family etc. 


    I've converted some hearthguards using multiple kits, finished a few archers/slingers and a halberd warrior units.

  • Those look great!

  • Handgunners WIP:

  • @András Csaba Horváth Are those perry arms? I used the Warlord ones for the same thing, But the Perry arms look real good, better than the Warlord ones.


  • Yeah, these are from the Perry Mercenary box! I had one around but totally forgot about it ...


    Some will need small cuts and/or Greenstuff to fill in the gaps, otherwise they look pretty good in my opinion :) I'll try to convert up a couple more during the weekend and paint them up.

  • Not just your opinion.....   Your minis look great!

  • Wow, nicely done!  Great conversions and paint jobs!  Definitely need to snag me some halflings, now...

  • Next you'll need the most important unit in a Halfling force - the Catering Corps!

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