Female halflings?


    Really love the WGA halflings, but there not being any female ones is a little disappointing, so I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of some female halflings that would match in with the WGA halflings?
    Or even another kit that could potentially be used to convert the WGA halflings to female ones?
    I tried the TT combat halflings, but the proportions dont seem quite right, and from what I have heard the Mantic halflings are quite a bit bigger.
    So any suggestions would be most welcome :-)

  • Well, historically speaking, females did not fight in halfling armies... just kidding.


    I dont have any that match perfectly, but reaper has a couple that are close that I use. Though one is a female child according to how it was labled. 

  • @William Redford 

    Reaper's Iconic characters range is full of wonderful models to my mind.. planning to add some on my shopping list to be used as NPCs in my Scifi/Scifan setting -I should thank you about that Lustrian addition...

    @Graeme Parrish 

    Females in Halfing/Gnomish/Dwarvish cultures are always characters depicting Priestess, Wizard and so forth... 

  • Reaper would have been my suggestion as well:  their halfllings and gnomes include some great options now, with the recent Bones 6 Kickstarter adding some more great gnomes and haflings to start appearing in a couple years.  The "child adventurers" that appeared in the Bones 5 Kickstarter (iirc) make great halflings or gnomes as well, since Reaper's halflings and gnomes have somewhat child-like appearances and proportions already.

    Seems like in the liteature, halfling men weren't particularly inclined toward adventure or warfare, and halfling women even less so, but something tells me that, forced to defend their homes and gardens, halfling women and men alike can give as good as they get and could be fierce warriors when pushed into it.  I wouldn't want to be the hapless goblins that stick their arms into the hornet's nest of a well-motivated and prepared halfling shire's militia!

    I kinda imagine that a halfling army doesn't get a lot of respect on a "proper" battlefield, but halfling guerillas, resistance fighters, and partisans, including halfling women, would be capable of striking sheer terror into the hearts of overconfident and unsuspecting conquerors and occupiers....

  • Oh, I forgot about TT combat. They look pretty nice. You said they dont fit size-wise? Thats a shame. 

    halfling-ladyfolk link

    shield-maiden- link

    shield-maiden-walrus-rider-queen- link

    shield-maiden-walrus-rider- link

  • @William Redford 

    Halfing Shieldmaiden walrus cavalry... whatelse?

  • @Steven StGeorges They have a bunch of male halflings, but the females are pretty much what i posted. I was part of their desert elves kickstarter. Female desert elves that were sort of egyptian daughters of khaine. They were vary nice... though I dont like working with that much resin and I got a bunch. I went overboard on that (I backed at like $500) and kind of regret it as I burned myself out cleaning models. So I still hve like 60% unassembled. Nice models though/

  • It's a shame every company has a different idea of what a halfling should look like.  TTCombat's are a lot of fun, but they are rolly-poly cartoons compared to WGA's halflings.  Mantic made a good mix of male and female halflings, but their weapons and mounts are far more "high fantasy" than WGA's...and they're totally different in size and proportions.


    If all else fails, you could just use some heads from a decent female kit (shieldwolf or WGF, or if you want big ol' heads, Frostgrave) on the WGA bodies.  They're so small and relatively shapeless that it would probably work.

  • Having only looked at the images on my local store's website, I think the shieldmaidens are supposed to be female dwarves.

    May end up talking a greenskin coworker into getting the bolt thrower and/or grabbing the rocket arty myself for my empire project. Those are reasonably affordable.

  • Evidently they are Halflings. FIERCE Halflings!

  • Well I`ve loads of info, and many great minds on the forum to ask, if i get round to total fantasy, Shadowrun  and Rifts are my doors at the moment.

  • @Geoff Maybury Rifts was THE RPG I played in highschool. Well, Rifts and Robotech, but we dabbled in all the Palldium games as they were all sort of compatible (barring SDC vs MDC and things like Recon that were just not compatible). But I havent played this system in... 15 years...

  • @William Redford 

    Fo you think you could post your awesome shelves O' armies here?:


    I remember you had all kinds of cool conversions.  Female Empire knights, etc.

  • Thanks for all the responses everyone :-)

    I will have to check out the reaper ones, they look like they might work well for characters.

    I might have a go at the suggestion from @BS Kitbasher and see how some female heads on WGA models work out for more general "troop" types. 

    I do actually have some of the TT combat female halflings and they do look really fun. They are just quite obviously a different style when placed alongside the WGA ones. 

  • I was contemplating buying some mantic halflings to play around with. In general I am not a fan of most of mantic's stuff, with a few exceptions. But I found these pics of the halflings and they are just too big... and I like the look of wargames atlantics halflings better... so never mind. 

  • @William Redford same. I was going  to buy some of their Halfling cavalry and it just didn't look promising 

  • @William Redford @Don Burton Why the "Boots" were are the "Halfling feet"?????????????

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