• Much fun with some Les Grognards (I need to find the "completed" pics) and their big buddy; a converted 15mm Dreamforge Leviathan. Am I dreaming, or did Wargames Atlantic inherit some of the molds from the old Dreamforge range? Iron Core etc.?

    Anyway - voici le speese French! I have a 1:35 FT tank I am turning into a Leman Russ equivalent, too. Vive La France! 

  • Here are the first completed 4 models for the armies of Les Trois Villes (full disclosure; this is one of my fanon powers in my little fanon corner of the Imperium .... aesthetically and culturally I have based them on France but they are the realm that is not actually using the variant language which I represent with French).


  • Here is the big lad, as far as he has got :)

  • @Simon Rafe 

    Il est clairement évident que tu as mis tout ton coeur pour concevoir ton univers de jeu, cependant les Trois Cités je trouve que cela sonne mieux que les Trois Villes.. mais ce n'est que mon humble avis. 😁

    Quoiqu'il en soit, tu as abattu un très beau boulot.. on attend de voir tes autres créations avec une certaine impatience. 😉


  • https://www.worldanvil.com/w/outremer-danforth-laertes/a/the-three-cities-organization


  • @Simon Rafe 

    Thanks for the link.. quite a lovely setting. 👍

  • A 1:35th scale Renault FT modified and part-built as a proxy Leman Russ.

  • How dare you?...   :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

    That Leviathan-modification ist great... we need STLs from them... so we can make our own modifications like yours...

    I like the paint-job too... 😍

    I would like to have one with a BIG axe... or one with two hands... 

    Great project Simon, I would like to see more... 👍


  • The mods are not STLs - the hands are purchased from Taro Modelmaker, and the lower legs are from Legio Models (the poseable leg set - I purchased a set of them and never used them as designed, but parted-out the pieces for various other things!)

  • Thanks Simon, I don't know "Taro Modelmaker"... I used google für their shop... and I like it... great items... I think I must order there a lot of things...

    Very thanks....



  • Not a WGA model, but it is going to go alongside them (and the main gun and the driver's head are also WGA Grognards!) but more on the little Renault FT conversion.

  • A total of eight Les Grognards finished!

  • Great work mate! 👍

  • A 1:35th scale Lorraine 38L (much incomplete and converted) as a Chimera equivalent.

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