• Somone really needs to make a fat sack of 100 Kobolds (Yes I would literally buy them in a plastic sack like those old school plastic army men). I don't even care if they are monopose, all I care about with kobolds is volume. They are tinyer than a goblin and if 50 of them were armed with just short spears or clubs I wouldn't complain. There are so many legacy campaigns like Dragon Mountain that sause on the Kobolds even at higher levels and there has never really been the kind of volume in the minature lines to fill their main role of en masse attack. Additionally they are often one of the very first things players fight and I'm not sure I have ever seen more than 12 different sculpts of the dragon wannabes. I'm not married to either the lizard-faces or pug-faces but it would be nice to see some light trap making and mining equipment incorperated into the sculpts. 

    This has been one of the biggest holes I can think of in the fantasy minature community. Kobolds are almost exclusivly a D&D thing so thats why they are marginalized compared to goblins, even though they fill an important sub-role and make even better evil minions due to their mining & trap making skills. Lets not forget they are Lawful Evil so they will follow an evil plan. One of the best "My First Minions" helping to do tunnel expanshion and trap security in the lair of any sorcerer, black knight, or evil priest.

  • @Eric Howanietz Its not the same... and I can totally see wanting a proper multi-plastic set. But in teh meantime, Reaper has a couple sets of 6 for $7. I will admit, I am not really a kobold fan though. And I have maybe a 100 of these from last kickstarter or the one before. Or the one before that. (dont remember if it was 3, 4 or 5... 


  • They are so small I feel like you could get double or triple for the same price as your average box set.

    Maybe I'm just one of those DMs who doesn't change monsters, I just throw more of them at the players as they venture out into the sandbox. If you look at the organizational structure for these monsters, they really do have capacity for hordes of 100 or more. If the players are fighting 10-15 at first level that is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kobold tribes.

    And everybody loves that first 5th level fireball the mage throws at a hoard. You know, when the magic really starts to happen. 

    I think an opportunity to buy 100 Kobold miniatures would dramatically change the tabletop dynamics in fantasy role playing games. It would go a long way toward making the geography of any sandbox gaming map much more organic.

  • @Eric Howanietz there is already a therad here: Kobolds

    I would be happy for people to get some WA kobolds. 

  • @Eric Howanietz Umm, no kobolds are not just a D&D thing, but they are mostly a TTRPG thing for the most part as I am pretty sure they show up in Hackmaster, Pathfinder, GURPS, etc. They are one of the more common dungeon crawl monsters.

    That said there are a ton of fantasy war games where you can field them as a force (Dragons Rampent, Frostgrave,etc.) and I think there is a "fantasy street gang" skirmisher by Osprey that could use kobolds.

    To be honest, if they are done at reaper height in monoposes, I could see a box of a 100, boxes of 60 easy. if they are WA Halfling size and multipart (the likely outcome) and don't do long pikes, they would probably be 40 figure boxes. 

    @William Redford Yeah there is sorta of but it was kind of focused on the price tag. 

  • @Brian Van De Walker Ya I think the volume of models is really what would get people motivated with Kobolds box set. A couple of campaign settings have even used swarm rules for them

  • @William Redford it would be a nice compliment to the halflings box set.

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