WIP Commissar/Lord Commissar and Commander[Update]

  • I hate the idea of $30 a model so I made my own, how do they hold up so far?

  • Look pretty good. You might want to sculpt a bigger hat though, and maybe a more ornate coat.

  • Looks awesome, man!  If you didn't tell me what it was, I'd immediately recognize it as a commissar, so mission accomplished!

  • Sculpted a larger peak on the cap as@Estoc  suggested, I think it's passable. Thanks for the advice.

  • I preferred the original peak size but your new peak does make it look more 40k.

  • Very nice. Good job on the fancier hat too.


    Hopefully Death Fielda brings out a few more Command Squad/Heavy Weapon sets for making fancy characters with soon. Really like having unique leader models, so build you own parts are absolutely golden to me. Hopefully the Raumjager option wins the poll on currently!

  • Relevant to my interests.

    I'm not specifically aping Guard but couldn't resist a Commissar:

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