Spacenam/Jungle Fighters

  • Found this on Facebook:

    Facebook link

    Appears to be a Reptilian Overlord and WGA collaboration.

    There is no further information on the Facebook post.

    Reptilian Overlord is primarily a STL designer/seller.

    It's a great time to be a Catachan player.

  • Now we know what this sneak peak is from:

    Looks like part 49 on the above sprue.

  • Very 40k feel to the sculpts.... which surprises me as I do not see any skulls.

  • Nice!

  • Well I found my Super Mutant types, they also might make good ogres in shadowpunk games.



  • I almost thought for a moment these were the previewed kit I'm assuming are "Ooh Rah!", but yeah, these are definitely something else entirely.  Very interesting - I wonder what else (if anything) is planned between Reptilian Overlord and WGA? 

    And, I wonder if that partnership is connected to the poll from a couple weeks ago that mentioned reptilians?  (I don't remember the context now, but it seemed oddly specific!)




  • @John Wilson Hit the nail right on the head, look really good for anyone out the Vat, or wired, "Long live Shadowrun". So many conversion possibilities for these boys, wonder when?  

  • @John Wilson 

    Super Mutants... brilliant idea! 👍

  • FYI @Wargames Atlantic, I need to know when these are coming because imma need A METRIC TON.

  • The old Catachan Codex was a really nice little booklet.

    I'm not saying if you Google "Codex Catachan PDF" you can download it... but you can.


    It had interesting stuff on making jungle terrain and setting up a jungle board.