• How have you been taking photos? I don't have a webcam so can't do it from my computer, and would like to know what you use for your photos, and any tips for taking photographs of models.

  • To be honest I mostly use an iPhone!

  • I got a white paper as a background and take pictures with my phone. Use some settings to create more contrast, so the miniatures stand out. 

    Here is the setup.

  • I tried taking some photos but my lighting is pretty bad. I'll try posting them soon.

  • Made from the Persian kit with Irish shields.

  • @Berggeit Your cleanliness and organization is infuriating! 🤣

    I'm by no means an expert, but your photo looks good, Estoc.  It's in focus, the details of the minis show; the only critique might be to watch your framing, if that even matters to you.   The one fellow on the left's foot and base being cut off makes for poor aesthetics, but if you just showing your sweet minis or paintjobs, then as long as its in focus its all good.

  • @Estoc 

    You must use this:   klick-me 😉


  • @Benjamin Hayward that was just after I installed the shelf. After that it become a mess 😂  

  • I'm mostly lazy and just try to get as good a shot as I can with my phone camera, using available light.

    If I want a GOOD shot, a neutral coloured paper background plus a desk lamp, exactly as Berggeit showed. I have a daylight bulb in a free standing flexible lamp that gives good results. But these days filters and post production lets you adjust the colour balance, so lighting type is not as critical.

    Use your Macro mode if you have one that works. 

    @Estoc Good focus on that shot, but a bit dark. Fortunately you can post-produce that. Try a few filters, or play around with brightness and contrast. Your phone's image app will have options, as will any image software you might be using. Irfanview is a good freeware one.

  • @Mark Dewis That's with a filter, unfortunately. I'm unsure what a macro mode is. I used A white piece of paper, but I don't think I have a lamp of that kind.

  • Your phone may not have it (almost every digital camera will, though), but macro mode mostly just affects focus depth, optimised for taking shots of small, close in things. If your shots are in focus without it, you're fine.


  • My secret is natural light.

    A crap old phone, a couple of hardbacks and an overcast day:

  • @Benjamin Hayward Hi I take lots of photos of minies. Set up I shoot on top of an IKEA shelving unit so I'm at eye level, I think the pictures look better then at an angel from above. I have two blogger circler lamps but one works great it's on a bendy stand so I can chang the angle and closeness to the figure. For me black non reflective card gives best details white makes the figures washed out. Then I put my phone on manually set so I can change the light setting and film speed. I have a macro setting but this has limited pixels and gives less colour but I have got some good shots with it. Hope this helps I have an instergram profile kommisser 28mm you can see my work or I have posted on the Facebook group for wargames atlantic this is one of my as is no post production work 

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