Cannon Fodder 2: Kitbash Boogaloo

  • Well, the kit landed safely and I made a second sword master with a hand I stole from a GW kit. Good times.

  • Both models look very cool! I think what I love about the Cannon Fodder boxes is that they're so good for conversions.

  • Nicely done.  And Thanks for sharing your work.  It's great to see what can be done with these kits.  

    Love the hazard stripes.

  • I'm brainstorming some ideas about making some working class revolutionaries that live in a legally distinct science fiction theocracy. I've got my bit box out, and I watched the Bill Making Stuff video where he converted a kit of historicals in to what he called "Rusters."

  • Dang, nice!  I really dig the sword guy!   Is he a servitor?  Cyborg?  In any event, hella-good job!  Awesome paint job, too!

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