A Grimdark Galactic Republic Project

  • Hey folks,

    some of you may have seen my imperial guard kitbash with Grognards and Iron Core Stormtroopers. One reason for the use of Stormtrooper heads for the Grognards is that I needed the bodies for another project....

    Years ago, If I recall correctly 2015, I saw an awesome conversion of the Dreamforge Stormtroopers with the bendy Clonetrooper Heads from WotC. Ever since I saw this, this idea stuck in my head, and now is the time to push it.

    As I wait for 3D printed clone helmets, I decided that these boys would need to ride into battle in style. While "fortunate son" roared from the speakers, I came up with this:

    The canopy will be constructed with two of these lego pieces

    The frontal ball turrets will be made out of this wooden spheres

    Thats the progress of today. I will keep you guys updated.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer it looks promissing.

  • Like the Hind elements!