Dark Age Irish conversion

  • I am in need of archers for my Welsh and Scots warbands (for Saga). So, my plan is to affix the bows, bow arms and quivers from the Goth box on suitable figures from the Dark Age Irish box. Anyone else done this already? I would welcome yiur thoughts. 

  • Given that the Dark Age Irish and the Persians are compatible I imagine the goths kit are going to work too.

    If not, I'll get myself that kit over the next few years and see if the bits mix

  • Bow arms will need a bit of amputation on the Irish bodies, but can't see a major problem there.

  • @Don Williams lack of shoes may be an issue, and the irish have one arm premolded each.

  • Just purchased another box of Irish Warriors (I've lost count on how many of these boxes I've built), and another box of Goths so I can get this conversion project under way. I will post pics of the finished project. 

  • @Estoc With a bit of GS and plasticard for the soles shouldn't be difficult made some primitive shoes

  • Here are my first two conversions. It was relatively easy to cut off the left arms, do a little filing, and glue the Goth archer arms onto these two Irish Warriors.

  • @Estoc @Alessio De Carolis For my first ever experiments with greenstuff I plan to make shoes for those models in the Gripping Beast Dark Age Welsh box who have none, will post some pics if I meet with success (shoes of such a comparatively basic nature as those in the Dark Ages shouldn't be difficult to make).

    @Don Williams Good to see more compatibility between the WGA Dark Ages sets, I've been seriously considering the Goths and Late Romans (with some more moustached heads pillaged from other kits) as possible extra Welsh...

  • Here is another look. 

  • @Don Williams first of all, congratulations on your work. It looks really great.

    May I make a sugestion? I don't know if it is possible, with the arms in the conversion, but the arrows should be on the inner side of the bow.

    Just to add realism.

    Again, honestly, great work. 

  • Honestly, bare feet to simple shoes just needs a file to remove the big toe and toe details. I'd not worry about putty for that job, as you may end up making the feet too big.

  • @Vitor Soares The “arrow on which side discussion” crops up quite a lot. It sounds to me like there is no single definitive answer.



  • @Grumpy Gnome granted, I am no expert, and you could shoot it either way. But here, it is in the Physical Education curriculum, and they always teach it with the arrow on the inside 

    Either way is fine but probably because I was taught that way, it looks more natural to me.

  • My good fellows,

    To Don Williams : The conversion is very pleasant and pretty well done. Moreover, bare feet are not a real problem for ancient civilizations, by good weather, on a soft or slippery ground. The work on the base inspires me a lot. Interesting work.

    To our two other comrades now... Up to me, the problem and its solution are simple : there is no theorical and universal model, but a practical one, based on reality and efficiency (long or short bow and arrows, foot or mounted archery, bowman in movement or not).

    In historical archery, holding the arrow on the shaft (le fût) was practiced both on its left side and on its right side. The important thing is that the arrow does not slip or fall in action.

    Practically, when the arrow passes to the left side of the shaft, the bow is often tilted slightly to the right. When the arrow passes to the right side, it is necessary to use the "hollow in V" between the thumb and the index to hold it. In this case, the holding of the bow is often vertical.

    As former reenactor, I invite you to go in the forest, with your love, your children or friends, and make natural bows and arrows. Try the two (of three) main methods on your own : I'm certain that you'll find the good, natural and efficient way of holding a bow and shooting arrows !

    Here, we have unskilled archers, what a pity ! Given the inclination of the bow, there is a serious problem : the arrow, placed under the shaft, will fall down, for sure.

    Tschüss ! Adeus !

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