Irish Warriors review and Gripping Beast comparison

  • For anyone considering purchase of the Dark Age Irish Warriors box, this review offers a very thorough look as well as a close up comparison with Gripping Beast plastic figures. You'll see the ranges are very compatible. I agree with the reviewer that these are among the best pladtic figures on the market.

  • @Don Williams 

    Thank You. That's a superior review.

    I believe the author posted a review on the WGA Aztec kit here:

    The single best kit review I've ever seen.

  • I have to admit I hadn't taken in that there are 10 wolfhounds in the kit. I reckon I'll pick a box up at some point - I've probably got enough "Dark" Age minis really, but these do add variety and the dogs are very useful.

  • @Mark Dewis The Irishg were the first full WA kit i got. (I got haflings first, but just a free sprue from the Survey thing a couple year back). 

    Now I have:




    Cannon Fodder 1

    Cannon Fodder 2


    Lizardmen (1 sprue)

    Goblins (1 Sprue)

    Horses (1 sprue)

    I like all of them. Conquistadors probably being my favorite, but the Irish are a close second. 

  • the dogs are very useful.

    First non-undead I ever finished painting. And uhm... I don't remember if the ghost dog or the skeleton rat (from the Kings of War skeleton sprue) was the first overall. Also, the Irish box is even a touch cheaper than the standard WGA price.

  • @William Redford I've racked up: Halflings, Lizardmen, Cannon Fodder 1 &2, Boxers and Bulldogs so far, plus the Eisenkern Panzerjaeger girls.

  • @Mark Dewis I am interested in the Boxers. But I am guessing my next box will be Ooh Rah followed by Ogres. But Now I want the new Mantic Ogres too...

  • @William Redford 

    Can you pop a WGA goblin on a WGA horse and tell us if it fits?  It keeps coming up and no seems to actually know.  It's a mystery wrapped in a conundrum.

  • @JTam Well, My horses have human riders. I could post a pic of the riders and horses next to a goblin... but thats pretty much all I could accomplish.

  • @William Redford 

    Ah, you're a glue the riders on guy.  Oh well.  

    Appreciate it anyway.

  • Here is a female soldier conversion (fireforge rabble head), some goblins and a bonus Perry light cavalry coversion. 

  • @William Redford Nice job, for better results you could always try the female barbarians' heads & torsos from Frostgrave, with plastic's flexibility shouldn't be difficult to adapt the upper torsos to a rider's legs👍

  • @Alessio De Carolis I will see. I preordered the barbarians so should get them soon I hope. I will also have the new Scythian/Amazon girls from RDG gaming. I got my shipping notice thst they should be here Monday. Those actually have rider legs too. 

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