Genuine Gap - Hungarian Austrian Infantry/Grenzer

  • So there are plenty of "niche" Napoleonic troop types not represented in plastic.  But I think I've identified a genuine MAJOR gap.  

    "Hungarian" Austrian Infantry.  Austria was one of the major players in the Napolenic Wars.  And while there are Perry and Victrix plastic kits representing "German" (effectively any troops not Hungarian in that large and diverse empire) troops the other roughly half of the Austrian army is not represented at all.

    It's interesting to note that Austria's opponents considered the Hungarian troops to be fiercer than the "German" elements.  Whenever an Austrian element was engaged it was described as "Hungarian" as there was more credit in it.

    What are the differences between "German" and "Hungarian" Austrian troops?

    ("German" - Ignore the headgear for now.)

    (Hungarian - Again ignore the headgear for now.)

    The chief differences are "Germans" wear gators while the Hungarians wear low boots, and that the Hungarians have braid on their trousers.  

    Back to headgear....

    The Austrian army went from "kasketts":

    To helmets:

    To shakos:

    Over the course of the war.

     If there's room on the sprue, than all three types of headgear would be welcome.  If it has to be narrowed down the helmets and shakos would probably be most useful.

    If one includes bearskin heads the kit can make Hungarian Grenadiers as well:

    (The Perry "German" Austrian kit includes helmets, shakos, and bearskins.  Victrix sells 3 seperate boxes (Infantry with helmets, Infantry with shakos, and Grenadiers) that all have the same bodies, but different head sprues.)

  • Great introduction to Austrian line Infantry and Grenadiers:

    Really well done video on history, tactics, uniforms, representing on the tabletop, etc.

  • Now this is where it gets really interesting.

    This kit could also represent Grenzers.  A troop type I consider among the very most interesting of the Napoleonic era.  Grenzers were militia from the recently freed from the Turks border areas.  (Geographically roughly the former Yugoslav with some chunks of Romania.)  They fought near constant small actions against Turkish incursions and were expert skirmishers.

    They largely looked like the Hungarian Infantry. (Paint the jackets white or brown based on regiment/time frame).  But some Grenzer traditional headwear klobak heads and some traditional Grenzer red cape/cloak bits would really add color and flavor.

    And if there's any room a few arms could represent Grenzer sharpshooters with their innovative doppleschutz and their rifle rest pikes!

    How cool is this guy?  Note that he appears the same as Hungarian Infantry with the exception of klobak on his head and special weapons.  

    Eureka Grenzers.  Note the cloak on top right one.


  • Same gentleman, great video on Grenzers and friends.

    Again a nice video filled with history, tactics, and how to represent on the tabletop.

  • @JTam  Good call on the Hungarian half of the Austro-Hungarian troops. Nicely compliments both the Perry and Victrix Germanic half.

  • @JTam really nice presentation, as usual.

    Some really cool units. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome @Vitor Soares 

    Thank You.

    I think it would be a really cool kit that actually covers a real (and significant) gap.

  • Out of curiosity what's your take on trouser braid/knots?

    Some miniatures mold the detail on, some don't.