Late Roman Unarmored Infantry WGA Blog Article

  • WGA posted on their blog about new unarmored late Roman Infantry:

    As noted in the article the separate shield sprue is great as it potentially allows more bodies and options on the main sprue.

  • Look good to me. I want to do an Arthurian Romano-Briton project but not sure when I will find the time... so a box of these are on my wishlist now.

  • Great stuff. I see more potential miniatures for Middle-Earth. Hopefully these shield sprues will also be sold separately. Would love to use dark age rounds shields with my Oathmark miniatures. 


  • I certainly like the look of these a lot, and a good call from WGA to make these to accompany their sets of armoured Late Romans. 

    The shield sprue I'm particularly impressed by, I wonder if they'll consider selling this separately eventually?

    The only thing that has stopped me from considering WGA's Late Romans as possible additional models for my planned British/Welsh force is lack of transfers - Victrix and Gripping Beast are particularly on the ball in the transfer department and get Little Big Men Studios to make transfers for a new set as soon as it is released, if WGA could up their game in that department then that would be another feather in their cap.

    Also I'm concerned how Decline and Fall has overtaken Blood Oaths - I hope WGA gives Blood Oaths more attention soon because it has just as much potential for great kits.

  • @Caratacus We had approached LBMS about making shield transfers but he told us that since he was part of Victrix it was a conflict of interest. (Despite making shield transfers for every other company out there!) I guess we scare them! LOL

    We will be selling these and the Dark Age round shields separately down the road as well. 

  • My only hesitation is buying more than one box, because of the upcoming army builder boxes. Apart from that, I will definitely buy them, only the quantity is in question. 

    The sprue looks great. 

  • @Hudson Adams I'm very surprised that he only mentioned Victrix when he makes transfers for Warlord and Gripping Beast as well, as you say, seems a bit hypocritical of him to make that comment. Thanks for responding about that good sir!

    Are there any other transfer companies out there you've considered approaching to make your transfers instead?

    That's great news that round Dark Ages shields are also going to be sold separately, I'll inevitably need some more to convert various models into Britons/Welsh, so I'll know where to come!

  • @Caratacus he mentioned he had been friends with them for awhile. I guess I'm confused about business models based on only doing business with your close chums. But who am I to say? 

  • These could be useful also for early byzantine armies. From late 3rd century onwards, the roman soldiers, either for economical reasons either bcz there was a very big flow of barbarian mercenaries, started to discard armours, relying principally on these big shield for protection. Naturally, such light equipped troops didn't fare well against strong cavalry forces. At the end of the empire pratically there wasn't a lot of difference btw the imperial troops and their foes, if you think that teh army that defeated the huns was principally composed by others barbarians allied with Rome. These boxes will allow an endless string of conversions, being the Goths very similar in dress and equipments.

  • @Caratacus possibly it's a Renedra thing rather than a Victrix one? None of the three actually do their own casting, so maybe they're aligned to supply Renedra. Or (quite possibly) Nick Eyre or Kev Dallimore have cut their own deals there. Everyone in Nottingham pretty much goes to the pub with everyone else and used to work for GW...

  • @Mark Dewis I think this is pretty close to the truth, and I think it prevents even other, newer British mini companies getting deals with them. I won't say which one -or if they are still around or not- but I know of a smaller British company that tried to get something going on with Renedra sometime back to be turned away. The reason Renedra stated may or may not have been real (lack of production capacity/slots, if I recall correctly - it's been a bit since I was told the story) but given that the idea would have only come to fruition a few years later (and was made by an established company, so not exactly a total nobody showing up at the door) I found the reasoning kind of strange.

    But, back tot he kit in question - I have the perhaps odd desire to recreate a group of late Roman hunters that can be seen alot on different fresco/mosaics.

    Now keep in mind I don't have any particular use for them, but that's what I want to build lol.

  • @H M Always do the projects that the muses suggest.

  • Another great addition to this range. Please don't let this releae get in the way of the Franks, though. I really need those now! 😄

  • @Vitor Soares the only confirmed army builders are late Romans in lorica hamata and gothic infantry

  • @Lord Marcus I know. I was refering not to fact that they would also be unarmoured, but that they would also be late roman. 😃

  • Genuinely curious as to when the Merovingian Franks will release now, as it's been well over a year since we saw the CADs.

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