Mixing Wargames Atlantic with Gripping Beast

  • I've reported on this forum before that WA and GB plastic dark ages figures are wonderfully interchagable, allowing for lots of creative possibilities. This photo of a Goth chieftain (as yet unpainted) has the following combination: Head and Sword arm (GB Goth Noble Cavalry), Body (WA Roman) and Cape (WA Irish Warrior).

  • @Don Williams what are you using for basing filler there?

  • Nicely done.  Appreciate the first hand demonstration of compatibility.

  • @Mark Dewis I used DAP quick dry acrylic caulk that comes in a squeezable tube (similar consistency to tooth paste). Available at any hardware store here in the USA.

  • Excellent conversion, I hope they'll do a set of catapracts/clibanarii, their helmets were really cool, plus they would be perfect as early Byzantine cavalry.

    P.s. i saw a tutorial for textured paste for basing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iApuo35_W8 

  • @Don Williams congratulations, he looks really amazing.

  • @Don Williams thank you for giving me an alternative when I can't get my usual basing material.

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