Oathmark Terracotta Army Musing

  • Ever seening the Warring States figurs announched, I thought about a Terracotta army (I assume I am not the only one). I really like Michael Sng's work so far and loved the videos his thinking process. I have settled on Oathmark as a ruleset and planning to mostly use the Undead army list. 

    Revenant King + Chariot = Chariot with Parasol 
    Revenant Chariot (+ archer) = Chariot
    Revenant Cavalry = Cavalry 
    Revenant Warrior = Sword/Shield, armour
    Revenant Linebreaker = Halbadier, armour
    Revenant Spearman = Spearman, armour (this unit doesn't exist offically 
    Revenant Archer = Crossbowmen, armour (this unit doesn't exist offically)
    Skeletal Spearman = Spearman, cloth (assuming we are also getting a box of light infantry, don't recall that they have been mentioned)
    Skeletal Archer = Crossbowmen, cloth
    Living Statue/Wolf = Bronze Statue (Shrieking Wolves by Northstar for Frostgrave)

    Also going to say, I would be estatic if WGA would also produce Undead Egyptians. Combinding the Classical Skeletons and the New Kingdom Egyptians would bewonderful. 

  • I wonder if a potential Light Infantry kit could be an army builder. With just options for spears and crossbows. With perhaps some Halberd heads on the sprues as well. 

  • I had the same project in mind to use in One Page Rules' Age of Fantasy (probably making a custom list with their army builder) Wyrd makes a few minis that would work well with a terracotta army check 'em out Wizard Types and Komainu, Dragon, Big Statues

  • I play Oathmark a lot and it sounds like a great idea and also a good army list .

  • Solid idea. And a REALLY easy painting stage 😁

    Frostgrave temple dog minis aside, you may find some small enough but cheaper online from Chinese charm jewellery makers, or craft shops, or New Age stores. You might even have a local Chinese store that stocks luck statuettes of them. I have a bunch of ~2" Buddhas that I got for 28mm statue scenery.

  • @Atlas Allen-Manning Great minds think alike ;) Nice miniatures but they don't really fit the style I am going for. 

    @Steven StGeorges Nice 👌

    @Mark Dewis That is possibility indeed, I do keep my eyes out for such things. I am planning to use the FG dogs for FG itself too so I don't mind paying for it. Have yet to find a cheap Budda statue that a like, but it's definently on the list. 

    Another FG miniature that I could add to the list is this Ancient Guardian

  • @Berggeit 

    Or just check that page


    Guys from WFB armies project are used to provide alternative minis .. always a good source of advices.

  • I think I may also jump on this band wagon. This idea would also translate to One Page Rules well.

    There are a lot of Feng Shui ornaments one can use as statue golems on sites like Ali Express. You can also pick up a bunch of lucky coins to use as counters.

    More bits for my Mythic Multiverse idea.

  • @Berggeit 

    I kind of missed this the first time around.  (Out of state, limited internet).  But this is a really cool idea.

    I hope you will post the army build here if you continue the project.

  • @JTam I sure will but certainly wait until the models are up for pre-order.

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